Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 weeks

Hey family! Well I’ve been here for about three weeks now which doesn’t sound like a whole lot but at the same time it does ha-ha. I don’t know where to start on this e-mail and it will probably be all over the place but here we go!

Dad I don’t know if I ever responded to one of the questions you asked a while back you can send as many dear johns as you want they don’t care. Elder Adams (my comp) is DL so we check mail two to three times a day so send as many as you want they don’t care. I got the pictures you sent me and the one of Crue made me laugh.

Mom I got your guys Dear Elder and read it last night, thanks Mom, Dad, and JC for writing them. Mom that’s funny and weird that Jackson came over because I have been thinking about him a lot this week and that I needed to write him so I did. I sent it to our house it’s addressed to Mom so you can envelope it if you want it’s up to your guys. Mom and JC, remember our promise you made with me...  
JC HAPPY BRITHDAY!!!!! I know it’s a couple days early but I would rather say it early than late. I can’t remember if school starts for you today when but I hope you have a good first day! you'll have to tell me what classes you are taking and who from. I love you so-so much sis you’re the best!

My week has been pretty crazy! We have been teaching a lot and all that Spanish is coming but slowly ha-ha pray for me though I could use the help. It’s cool to walk into class and understand what the teacher is saying and our investigators. I’m not sure if they always understand what I say back to them but oh well.  I’ve learned so much already in these three weeks it’s pretty crazy, half of my district is leaving tomorrow to go to MTC in Peru so now there will only be 6 of us!! Jeff I think one kid is going to the Mission you went to. I told him you loved it the rest of us are all going to Mexico, five of us are going to Oaxaca so I hope we get to all travel down there together.

I've became pretty good friends with an Elder named Elder Romney, he's from Utah and we get along super well. The sad thing is that he leaves in a week so that’s not cool. I told him we would hang when we get back.

My thumb is almost better. It still kind of hurts but other than that it’s ok. I was pretty bummed when I hurt it because it totally threw off my BB shot and I was owning people left and right! But yesterday I did pretty well.  I’m about out of time so I hope everyone is doing well. I love you all so very much. When you see my friends tell them hi for me and to write me ha-ha.

Until next week.... EL HOPE!

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