Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mormon Mustang

Hey family what’s up? Sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. It sounds like it’s been pretty hot and dad I bet the upstairs is cooking!  It’s been pretty hot here also, most of the time we inside but the AC doesn’t seem like it likes to work so it’s still pretty warm at times. Sundays and Tuesdays are the worst because on Sundays you always have to be in full jacket and suit, and Tuesdays we end up going to the devotional about an hour early to try to get good seats but they won’t let us in until 6:30 so we end up waiting by the doors in suits with 2000 other kids trying to get in and let me tell you it gets hot, sweaty, and stinky haha. Tuesdays are the days General Authorities are supposed to come but were yet to see one. There usually just 70's which is good because they always give good talks.

On Sundays they let us get on computers and watch movies and this last Sunday I was watching a message about "spiritual vertigo" and guess what.... it’s about the Mormon mustang at the Rexburg air port!!! It made me home sick seeing the air port and the places they were flying because Bagley was the one flying so when it shows him flying you can tell it’s him over the dry farms. You’ll have to YouTube it.

This Sunday we also sat behind the ASL section and I found myself always looking at them and watching the people do signs. It made me feel a little sad for them. We sing some really good songs here and I have to admit it sounds really cool when 2000 kids sing. (I’ve never really liked singing church songs until now) we sang a song the other day and I litterly had chills. Anyway back to what I was saying about the ASL. It made me think how lucky and blessed we are to be able to hear. I feel bad for the people who can’t we are so blessed.

JC, it sounds like you’re having fun. How was your party and boating? How’s school going so far? What’s new with life? It sounds like the football team isn’t doing to good ha. That to bad even though a lot of people didn’t like Buck I did because he was nice to me.

About the tooth, I was lucky because they were able to send me to get it fixed that day. I’m glad I sent that paper to you, Dad because I almost threw it away.... but I’m glad you got it. Dad keep me posted of the football I like hearing how it’s going. If CJ is playing (which he probably is) tell him to work had because he will miss it after it’s over. 

I sent a letter to Josh so I hope he gets it. Also my thumb still kind of hurts so if I hurt it again ill probably get it checked out. (Its just not getting better) but oh well. Spanish is coming along slowly. I can understand a lot of what people are saying but I struggle with knowing how to say stuff back so I’ve been studying vocabulary words a lot and I think it'll help.

I’m doing well so don’t worry about me, sorry if this letter is boring I don’t have much to say because we don’t do anything but class. We’re going to the temple in a little bit so that'll be nice. But I want you all to know I love you and pay for you every night. Stay safe and remember the church is true.

Oh Jeff I got your dear elder, I think your right about the pizza! It is weird that you’re not too far away. I hope you’re liking your job and that all is well. Don’t like Utah to much though, you have to move back home in a couple years haha tell the kids I love them and give them a hug for me.

Mom, everyone, again I love you

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