Friday, September 23, 2011

Lesson #1 and #2

What’s up family? First off dad mom and JC the mission board looks really good! I like it lot. I also got the picture of josh and the kid he baptized, that’s super cool! He looks and sounds like he is doing well so that’s good. I’m also doing pretty well. Today has been a good day and I have got a lot done but I did do something dumb..... Today I decided to wash a couple pair of my pants (I’ve been super super carful and have been trying to keep them clean for as long as I could because I’m not sure how to wash pants). Sooo I decided to do it any way well after washing then and drying them in the dryer I threw them in my laundry bag that I bought here (mistake # 1). when I got back to my room to fold my clothes I noticed that they were pretty wrinkly so I was a little upset and was like now I have to iron them (mistake #2). turns out the iron was on to hot and I kind of burned one of my black pair. It’s not horrible, but it melted them in a way. (not sure how to explain it, there just a little shinny) I think they will be ok. However, there is one thing that I have learned so that’s good right. I’m learning a lot here mostly by trial and error which isn’t always the best ha-ha but oh well.

Before I forget there is some stuff that I could use. I’m almost out of hair gel but I should have enough to get to Mexico. It would be nice if you sent some though that way I would have some when I get to Mexico, unless if you think I don’t need it then I’ll just try to find some down there. But if you do buy some have jc or mom buy the stuff I got last time and maybe buy two and put one bottle in the other because there really isn’t that much in one little tube. (Jc should know the kind I want, it’s the one I got before I left with her)

As for the visa and travel plans I know nothing. They haven’t said anything to us so I’m not much help there, but we MIGHT get our plans this Thursday well see and I heard when we get our visas we have to go to SLC and talk to someone not sure what about or why but that’s what I have been told. I sent a letter home the other day which had some letters for Dillon did you get it?

Sounds like the hike was fun. I didn’t hear of anyone getting hurt so that’s good! and what’s this with jc growing up and taking the fours out!?! This is crazy. I don’t like how she’s growing up ha-ha. Jc who did you go with?
When you go up to Stoddard Creek are you staying the night or just doing a day trip? Tell Cory, Ray, and everyone else that I say hi for me. Jeff never told me that he sold his truck but that’s good! but that reminds me, did you ever sell the bike in the shop? just wondering, and if you did how much?

I've also been wondering what to do about Dear Elder. I’m not positive but I heard that it’s free wherever there is pouch mail. I’m not sure if Mexico has pouch mail or not but if they do you might have to put my dear elder address up on face book that way the people writing me can get a hold of me. I’m not sure how expensive it is to send letters. Hopefully not to bad so if it isn’t ill just keep sending and writing letters to those who write me.

I do have another question. I brought two jackets but I’m tempted to send one home because I don’t think it will ever get to cold down there but what are your thoughts? let me know and if you think I should send it home I will that way I’ll have more space for all the books they have given us.

I’m about out of time and I hope everyone is doing well. Before I leave I get to call home for a couple minutes but right now I have no idea when that will be so I’ll have to get back to you on that one. I hope I answered all your questions. If you have any more ask and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. I haven’t gotten the package yet but I’ll keep looking we check for mail like twice a day. I hope everything is going good at home and dad I hope your back gets better. The word on the street is that Pres. Monson is coming to the devotional tonight but who knows. I’ll let you know for sure if he does. I better go I love you all and hope you have a good week.

take care. Con Mucho Amor, el hope

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