Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ohhhhhh man I don’t even know what to say right now.... dad your right it’s probably a good thing that me and Jeff weren’t there because I probably wouldn’t have been very nice to him.. I know, I know not what a missionary should say but I’m still bitter about the whole thing and I’m sure Jeff is to. Dad you are a great example, and I’m super glad Cory gave him a hard time ha-ha I’m laughing right now as I write because I can totally see Corey being funny and I’m trying to picture what he all said to him tell Cory thanks. I’m glad he told him who he was. That guy thinks he has WAY too much power in his little job. All I can say one day he’ll be judged for his works... ha-ha I’ll work on trying to forgive him. It’s tough to forgive someone who has dealt wrong with you when you honestly didn’t think or know you were doing something wrong and just takes advantage of his power. Kind of reminds me of something Satan would do... I know I need to forgive him and I know the savior wants me to forgive him also so I’ll try. Other than that form the pics it looks like it was way fun! I hope everyone liked it and tell Ray Ray to man up ha-ha. I also got the pic of cure and Gracie that was awesome! I wasn’t surprised when I saw cure with a band ‘aid on his head ha-ha must be the same crazy Crue. Also I got the pic of Jc and her date..... still crazy! I hope she had fun though have her tell me about it. And dad I’m soooo sorry about your back but I just want to say YOUR A MAN! I don’t know of anyone else who would put up with that pain as long as you have. I’ve been praying that it would get better so I’m glad that you’re going to get it fixed! and I hope that everything goes good in the surgery. I’m going to the temple in a little bit so ill make sure I put everyone’s names down again. I do it every week. It sounds like everything is going good at home. It’s still warm down here but it’s ok.
I do have some bad news... we still haven’t got out travel plans which means we don’t have our Visa either...... we went and talked to the travel people and they said that if there not here by Wed. That we would be staying here until we get them. NOT what I wanted to hear! I’m tempted to tell them to reassign me to SLC until it comes. IM GOING CRAZY IN THIS PLACE! I want to go to Mexico. I was talking to a kid whose grandpa lives in Oaxaca so he goes down there every summer and he was SO excited for us when we told him where we were going nothing but good news so I’m super excited. I just want you to all know how much I love you all. Every one of you is in my prayers at night. Jc and mom I miss "making" you make me food. Especily in the morning. I wish I could text mom and say "food" ha-ha but I’m soo happy I’m here right now. It’s made me want to learn as much as I can when I get home. I’m out of time but I hope all is well and I hope I get my VISIA, but if not it’s ok. Sometimes when things don’t go to plan we need to step back and ask ourselves "what is the lord trying to teach me?" I know that if my visa doesn’t come for a while that the lord wants me to learn something. I also know that he won’t give us any burdon that we can’t handle. I’m out of time but once again I love you all. Everyone be safe, and dad I hope your back will get better!

Until next time, EL Hope

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