Wednesday, December 14, 2011

OK before I start telling about my week I better try to figure out what time you want me to call. To be honest I have no idea what time would work best... for me probably sometime in the afternoon. But honestly anytime would probably work. We have a key to the church and that’s where we plan on calling. So you tell me I don’t want to decide how is it going to work with Josh and what do you plan on doing? this is the churches number not sure if it’s the whole number but you should give me the whole number to our house that way if I don’t get a call from you I can call you guys or I can call you first and you can call back whatever you want to do. I get to get on the computers for 30mins on Wednesdays and make a Mormon profile so if you can try to pick out a time which you think will work best and let me know and then you can ask josh what he thinks. Sound good? Hope so.
Anyways, I got you package with the new camera cable so I’ll try it out after I send this letter. Thanks for the different watch I like it a lot better than the other one. It was just too big and my wrist has shrunk so it just wasn't working out thanks for the jam and candy also.
It sounds like you all had a pretty good week. Dad did you and mom go to any cool shows while you were there or what did you guys do? Sounds like Jc survived, who stayed with her? That's crazy that you don't have any snow.... what about up in the mountains? has jc been tearing it up pat the Gee?
This week has been pretty good; there is some church here that had a three day party like a block away from our house. So there was a TON of people up in our hood. It made things a pain because their church is right in the middle of our area where we usually walk through like two to three times a day but since there was so many shady people and because of all the little rides that they had we decided that we sound walk around it rather than through for a couple reasons. One we didn't want member to see us and think we were at carnival all day and two they worship a Brown Virgin named Juquila so we just decided to stay clear from there. The other day there was a 6.4 earthquake here in Oaxaca! To be honest, I DIDNT EVEN FEEL iT. I’m pretty sure I was riding a bus when it went down. The bus rides here remind me a lot of the Indiana Jones ride at Disney Land. The other day our driver was going pretty fast and hit a speed bump, needless to say I caught some pretty good air off of my seat. I honestly don’t know how people drive here without crashing. There is no order, we have almost been in a couple (ok a lot) of crashes but no worries it’ll be alright.
Today we discovered that we have bed bugs. There actually called chinches and they suck your blood ISN'T THAT COOL!! To be honest we have know about them for a little bit and every night before we go to bed we would check our sheets but it wasn't until today that we discovered they like to eat us. LUCKILY they must only like dark meat because I didn't get bit by any, but El Martinez did!! We took all of our sheets off our beds and went on a hunt. I didn't have near as many on my bed which made me feel a little bit better. Elder Martinez on the other hand... well we killed a ton on his bed and all of them were full of blood. In a way there a lot like ticks but a lot smaller. Today we went and bought some spray and sprayed down both of our beds and frame so hopefully that will take care of them.
Once again this week we did our little choir thing but this time we did a little play also. I’m told there are pictures on the Missions Face book so you'll have to check it out. There wasn't a ton of people, but we had a decent turnout. We still have to sing two more times and then were done.
Lesson wise this week was slow..... Pretty much everyone was at the little party of the other church playing on the little rides and all that so it was hard to get a hold of people so hopefully this week will be a lot better.
For the most part that’s about it, Thanks for the pills and the drinks. I like the drinks there a pretty good change. Have you got my package yet? or any other letters? I hope you have got them or will soon. I better get going let me know what time you think will work best to call on Christmas. try to let me know by wed. I’m glad to hear that everyone is doing well! Dad don’t worry will be alright. I ran across a quote by Elder Nelson that I liked the other day. He said, "If you have faith you can handle difficulties" I liked it so I hope you guys do to.
Love you all and hope you have a good week can’t wait to talk to you guys soon.
Love, Elder Hope

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