Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wow, this week sure did go fast with Christmas and all. It was really good to get to talk too just about everyone on Saturday. I hope I was able to answer all the questions you guys had. If not.... my bad ha. How was talking with Josh and how is he doing? It sounds like its getting pretty warm where is at.
New Year’s Eve we spent the afternoon with a family. It was pretty nice, they cooked us some food (gorditas) and after we kind of sat and talked for a little while. Long story short as I was sitting there one of the little boys (1 of 3) came up to me and said he had something for me so I was ok what is it? He ran outside and came back into their house holding an old-well used-ball and said merry Christmas! On the ball all the little kids signed their names and drew a little picture of my face. I was pretty surprised they were giving it to me because they really don’t have very much to give.. shortly after the littlest boy came up to me with paint covered hands and said I have something else for you, he also ran outside and brought back a little toy wood car in which he had painted himself. I was pretty shocked, I couldn”t figure out why they were giving me all these presents, but I learned a lesson that night; I really learned the true meaning of Christmas.
Christmas we went to church and then after we ate a little food and headed to the offices to meet up with some other missionaries to go sing. We all took buses to Mitla and stopped by a brand new church that they just opened and looked around for a little bit. It wasn’t big in fact it was pretty small but it was also super nice. Afterwards we all went to the central in Mitla and started inviting people to our concert. To be honest it was horrible none of the sound systems was working so I don’t think anyone could hear. But we ended up getting some references out of it so it all worked out.
Well I don’t real have much more to say since we talked a few days ago... we were supposed to get changes last night but now we’re not getting them until tonight so I’m not sure if I’ll stay or go. But I’ll let you know what happens as soon as I can ight. I love you all and hope you had a good Christmas! Be safe as you travel. Until next week,

El Hope
I never told you what happened the day I called home. We woke up that day and had an appointment with an investigator at ten his name is Erick. On the way there we were walking and along the side walk was some trash. Well as we walked by we noticed that it stunk pretty badly so bad that El Mtz started throwing up! hahaha it was pretty funny. He played it off good to he just kept walking and throwing up as he went just like the drunk guy I told you about). After we taught Erick he told of of one of his friends that had quite drinking. As we left we decided to stop by and talk to him (we have talked to him before, he’s actually a less active member so we know him pretty decent). When we got there we discovered (from his mom) that he had a hemorrhoid or was bleeding inside. We both thought we should give him a blessing so we asked his mom and she said yes. As we got to the little room he was in we realized how bad of shape he was in.. he hasn’t talked for four days or anything. The doc said all they could do was wait to see if he’ll make it or not. It was pretty warm and the room was small, not to mention the smell.... it smelt horrible. Bad enough that El Mtz started to throw up again. There was barely enough room for his bed on the ground and two little chairs. I was trying not to think about the smell because I was starting to get sick also. After a while we were able to go into the room and give him a blessing. I’m not sure what has happened to him, but I hope he is still alive and doing alright. It was a pretty sad sight...

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