Monday, August 20, 2012

What Up
   What’s up family how’s it all going? Well before I forget I would like to wish a couple people Happy BIRTHDAY! Happy late B-day Jared I hope it was a good one! You’re kind of getting old this day’s ha-ha. And Jc happy early B-day, all I have to say to you is "STOP CROWNING UP". Dad sounds like you have been pretty busy with work and all that, I enjoyed your story for the week but be carefully also ight.
   Well I’m still getting used to my new area here in Ixtepec; it’s a pretty good area it’s not quite as big as Etla but it’s kind of big. I think I have got a little more used to the heat this week. I still sweat pretty much all day but it’s ok I’ll survive. I’m going to take advantage while I'm here and try to learn some more Zapateco from the members. Speaking of which we have been teaching a couple classes of English to some of the member and some of our investigators here. It’s kind of fun... Yesterday I taught them how to pray in English. It made me realize that I’ll never become a language teacher and I also gained a greater respect for my teacher back in the MTC.
   The members here are pretty good for the most part, there are a lot who are willing to give a hand and go to a couple lessons with us which is nice because they always share their testimony's with our investigators. 3 testimony's is always better than 2 so that's nice. I just found out from my buddy Elder Jolley that a girl I was teaching back in Etla got baptized. Her name was Epefania and she was really cool. She was a perfect investigator. I was kind of bummed that I wasn’t going to see her baptism when I left but I’m happy knowing that I helped her enter into that convent with the lord.  
   Oh the other day we were walking home at about 9 when we passed by a Field and I saw a ton of fire flies, it was pretty cool and I’m pretty sure it’s the first time in my life I have seen them. Also the other day a member here was attacked by some African bees which put him in the hospital, luckily he’s still alive. It sounds like he got stung about 500 times. I guess we were pretty lucky also because we always walk on the street he got attacked. They said they took care of the bees but I guess they didn’t get them all because there were a couple more people who were attacked Saturday afternoon on a bridge. I know were blessed because earlier that day we crossed that same bridge and nothing happened so don’t worry I know that when were obedient that god watches over us.
   Well I had better go time is about out but I just wanted to let you all know that you’re in my prayers. Thanks so much for all the support it really helps out. I love you all and I’ll talk to you next week,

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