Thursday, August 30, 2012

What’s up family how’s it all going? So I just dropped a little Zapateco on you all how do you like that? I got the pic. of Thor’s girl friend ha-ha she’s a good looking dog. That’s cool dad that you’re going to be working at the fair again this year you'll have to do it next year so I can go to the motocross again. 
Well this was a pretty good week for us. The family that has a baptism date this week came to church and there all set and ready for their baptism. So if all goes well in the interview this Friday they should be entering into the water this Sunday after the meetings.  Their pretty good family, the dads name is Rolando, his wife Sandra and their sons name is Jose. They had been taught a couple lessons. When I got her so the first time I met with them and after we talked I felt that I needed to put a date for their baptism so I did and they accepted. I’m excited for them.  
So remember the one time we were buying all my mission stuff and there was a kid who told us they split part of the mission with another mission because it was so hot? Well I’m pretty sue I’m in that part of the mission. Tuesday I went outside to make a phone call (we don’t have service in our house) and it was pretty warm so I got the idea to put my comps alarm clock outside which has a thermometer to see how hot it really was. After a couple mins we checked it and guess what....... 120 degrees!!! They told us we can buy hats so I’ll probably buy a sombrero. 
Ha-ha so apparently there is a problem here with the members not knowing when were supposed to eat with them so I have been sending them text to remind them the night before or early in the morning (even though there is a calendar in the church which tells them what day is their turn). Well the other day we got to the sisters house and she wasn't too happy with us. She told us she didn’t know and a bunch of other stuff. She ended up giving us leftover liver with onions and fried pig skin. Usually I can force myself to eat the food but I HATE liver. I looked at my comp that is a pretty big boy and eats everything and told him he was going to have to help me out on this one, so I gave him half of my liver ha-ha. It was super funny because it took us a good little while to finally get it all down and afterwards we didn’t feel too well but what can you do. 
Elder pack is a pretty good guy and we get along well. It’s never boring while were walking because all I have to do is "hey explain lord of the rings to me" and for the rest of the day we have something to talk about. Its great ha-ha. However we do have changes this week and I’m pretty sure he’ll probably leave but I guess we will see what happens. Well once again I had better go but I love you guys a lot! Take care and have fun at the fair!
Love Elder Hope

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