Wednesday, August 15, 2012

   Well right now I’m sitting 6 hours away from my second home in Etla. That’s right I got changed. Wed night I got the call and headed off Thursday morning. Now I’m back in a place called Ixtepec Centro and its hot! The first day here after walking for five minutes I was sweating as bad as a fat boy who just tried to run two miles! I was losing weight back in the city but here they cook everything in oil, soooooo much oil. The food here is so greasy it would make McD.S  jealous. So I hope I don’t get to fat. I was pretty sad to leave Etla, I didn’t really get a chance to say good bye to anyone and I let 4 people that are set to be baptized and I really wanted to be there but I guess that’s part of the mish. I was lucky I guess, we had baptism last Saturday and they seem like really good people. I’m looking forward to this new area. 
  Well Sunday was interesting, I went from the biggest ward in Oaxaca to another house of prayer but this one is a lot nicer than the one in XADANI. I was also asked to give a ten min talk which went pretty well. I talked about the BOM again. Afterwards they threw another surprise at me and told me I was going to teach a class. SO I did, I taught about the plan of salvation and it went well. Oh my new comp is E. Pack he’s from Utah n has about 9 months in the mission 3 of which he spent at Boise waiting for his visa. We don’t have much in common but I found out he likes computer games which was good because I was able to start a good conversation about that. Good thing I had Austin as a nerdy friend, He helped prepare me for elder Pack ha-ha (Austin if you’re reading this thank you). E. pack is a good guy and we get along well.
 Dad the other week you asked me about my toe well I just got back from the doc and he cut of my toe nail once again. The last time he did it he said I would have to comeback in five months, guess he was right because it’s been about 5. So right now I have a numb toe. This time I got to watch and it was interesting..... It was a lot more bloody than I thought it would be that’s sure but I hope in a couple days I’ll be better. AS I Walked out the doctor said I’ll see you again in 5.... I hope he’s not doing it on purpose. JK he’s a member so he doesn’t charge which is a blessing because it saves a lot. Well I’m going to go because this keyboard is crap and I’m sick of it so until next time,
Love LDER HOPE!!!     

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