Tuesday, September 18, 2012



   Alright I have some really sweet news for you guys. The other day we had a multi-zone conference here in Juchitan for all the areas and zones. It was really sweet not going to lie, I loved it. I learned a ton! President did a really good job and he basically let us ask a bunch of questions about rules and a whole lot of other things. It really got me excited again about the work. The other cool part about it was that I was able to see a lot of my friends I have made here in the mish and also some of my old comps, actually like 5 of them haha it was really fun to get to talk with them a bit and see how they have been doing. Actually one of my comps E. Juarez is going to be going home here in a couple more weeks so thats super weird to me but he seems happy and excited. 

   But here comes the best part about it, there was an elder there at the conference that was in my first area Cosijueza. He came up to my and we started to talk a bit. I asked him how things went back there for him and asked if he had seen Eddi (my first convert). He then told me thats hes doing great and IS GOING ON A MISSION! It pretty sweet and i was really really excited for him. Hes heading to Chilli and leaves in November. Hes going to make for a sweet missionary and once again Im super excited for him. I just thought it was super cool when I heard that and its cool to think how many people he will teach and the lives he will change as he teaches the people in Chilli. Im grateful that I was able to be a part of that process.

   Also Yodo and Harvy were confirmed this week which was really good. Like I said their family/parents are members but less active so it has been really fun to see them come back to the straight and narrow. Its also cool that they are now members and one day can go to the temple as a family. It has been fun to see their progression together as a family. This sunday I also gave another talk in church. My comp Elder Pack talked about the Book of Mormon and I talked about a talk that elder Anderson gave called What thinks Christ of me? I feel that it went well. This week has been pretty crazy here because the 15th was Independence day here in Mexico so there has been a lot of parties and a lot of drunks. Also there having their "fair" here for the next week so Im sure this week will be a little harder in the way that everyone will be out and about which will make it hard to find our invest. but i guess well get some contacts out of it. Its still pretty hot out here and we ended up buying a couple hats a while ago but we dont use they to much because it doesn't really help and they look ridiculous so we usually just leave them at the house. Were teaching a really cool guy named Angel right now who has a baptism date set for for this Saturday so pray for him! Hes had a pretty hard life.

   Well thats all i got for this week, once again I just wanted to let you all know how much I love you. Im also grateful now for the weather in Idaho haha and Right now i miss the snow but oh well. I know I have said this before ad Ill probably say it again but we are so lucky to live where we live and have what we have, especially the gospel. I know its true and i know it changes people lifes for the better. I love you all and until next week,

 Elder Hope!

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