Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yo Que onda?
   Hey what’s happen family? Well I better start off by thanking you all for your prayers for Angel because they were answered! That's right this week Angel entered into the waters of baptism and it was awesome. I’ll tell you his story here in a bit. Today has been a busy day. We actually woke up early today and headed over to Angels house to help him out a little more building some fences around his corn fields to keep the deer out. Afterwards he gave us some breakfast. We ate Mino-tacos (I think that's how you spell Minos). It was pretty sweet I wish I would have taken you all some pics. But it was basically fried little Minos that he caught in the river. To be honest they weren't too bad. 
   Alright I better tell you all about Angel. I think I have told you all about him before but I’ll tell a little more. So about a couple months ago Angel was walking out to his house late one night (he lives about 30 mins away from the city on foot) when he was jumped, and then beaten. He was stabbed slash cut with a nail. I know it sounds weird but I guess these people put basically welded a nail to a little piece of pipe and stabbed him with it. It’s a pretty popular weapon here. And to make things worse they usually dip the tip in poison. Angel was cut from the front part of his waist all the way across his body to his back (I have seen it and its crazy long and ugly). Somehow he survived all that and a couple days later some members brought my comp over to his house to give him a blessing. Afterwards they started to teach him. When I got her he had listened to a couple of the lessons and had gone to church my first week here. Long story short we keep teaching him and teaching him until one day he said something pretty interesting. He told us he knew the blessing had made him heal faster than normal and even the doctors were surprised on how fast he was healing. He then told us "I know if I get baptized I will heal even faster". We then taught him about baptism and he accepted a date. Well as you all know he was baptized and yesterday was confirmed. He’s a really cool guy and has been through a lot with what happened. They could give him stitches because he’s diabetic or something like that so his cut has healed all by its self. When I saw his cut I was really surprised on how it had healed so fast. It has also been a testimony to me about the priesthood blessings. 
   We have had quite a bit of success here in Ixtepec. I know that we have relieved a lot of help in doing so. There is no way we could have done it without the spirit. I also have leaned that god really does prepare his children to receive the gospel and that the people here in Ixtepec are ready. I have really enjoyed working her in this area. It’s a little hard living with two other elders at times, the house is pretty messy and its super hard to keep clean from everyone walking in and out. We also have a cat that is always trying to sneak in and eat our food. I’m told that the other elders used to feed it. They also let it give birth to its kittens in our house...... I have pretty mixed feelings about that ha-ha. So Becky if you want another cat you can totally have this one because I don’t want it. 
 Well once again I have to go but I want you all to know how much I love you all and how grateful I am to have you as my family and Friends.
Love E. Hope

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