Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Well what a good week! First I’ll start of by telling you all about the baptism that we had this week. Their names are Rolando and his son Jose, their mom was supposed to be baptized with them but she told us a couple days before that she didn’t feel ready to be baptized this week so were going to be working a little more with her. I really wanted them to all be baptized together but I know she will be sometime soon so I’m not too worried. The baptism went really good! We had to go to a church that isn’t too far away to do the service; we had a pretty good turnout member wise. The room was full and I know Rolando and Jose were able to feel the spirit and the support from the members. Sandra really likes the baptism and like I said I’m sure she will soon be baptized also. Jose is 9 years old and he’s a pretty funny kid ha-ha he told us a couple weeks ago that he wants to be a missionary like me and my comp one day. The first day I got here to Ixtepec we went and visited Rolando and his family. I think I have kind of told you the story about them but we taught them about baptism and after I felt like we should put a baptism date so we did! Rolando was pretty hesitant at first and wanted to wait a couple months but we kindly "planted" him in which we shared a Scripture with him about not postponing repentance. We also had a new convert with us who shared a pretty powerful testimony about the book of Mormon which helped a ton. After talking to him for a couple mins more he accepted. Rolando and his family are really good people and they will be good leaders and members of the church. 
   The other day we woke up at 6 and walked down a dirt road for 30mins in the dark to get to one of our investigators who lives out in the middle of nowhere to help him out a little bit in his corn field. His name is Angel. A couple months ago he was walking at night when he was jumped by some people who robbed him and then cut him pretty good. He needed help building a fence in his field to help keep cows and all that stuff from smashing his corn and since he’s still healing from his accident we went over to help. It actually turned out really well; we dug about 13 whole posts and then cut down trees with a machete for the post. The only bad this was that there was a ton of ants and thorns on these trees and I ended up getting bit a couple times. Not going to lie it HURT. I’m not sure what kind of ants they were but they sting like wasp so that wasn't to fun ha-ha but I survived. We also found some type of fish that lives in mud; I sent you a pic of it so you should see what I mean. Angel told me they taste really good but I’ll just take his word for it. He also invited me to go hunting Iguana and armadillo with him but I’ll have to see if president will let me first. It does sound fun though. 
   Well like I said last week today we had changes but I and elder pack are both going to be staying here again in Ixtepec. I’m pretty excited he’s a good kid and we work well together. I really like it because when I get food that I can’t eat he helps me out so it’s a pretty good blessing. Well I had better go but I’m doing alright. I just wanted to let you all know that I’m loving the mission. It is defiantly the best thing any young man can do in his life. I have learned so much and have grown to love the Gospel with all my heart. I know it’s true I know it changes peoples life’s and I know that through our savior Jesus Christ we call all return to live with our heavenly father again. That knowledge really does feel my heart with peace and hope. I love you all and I know that I have the best family ever! I hope you all have a good time at the fair and that everything goes well for you throughout the week. I’ll talk to you soon. 
Love your son,

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