Tuesday, January 29, 2013

   What’s up family how have you all been doing this week? Sounds like you have been enjoying a little warmer weather this week so that’s good. That’s sweet that you guys are going to Utah this week and that Jc is going to be going to big sky and then to a jazz game. Jealous. I just hope that all goes well and that you all travel safely wherever you go. 
   Well this week I went Cuaji to do some divisions with the elder in my district. It went really good. I pretty much went to do a baptism interview with a teenager that they were teaching. We had a pretty good talk and I could tell she really wanted to be baptized. The cool part about it is that she and her family live in a pueblo called Zoto about 30 minutes away from cuaji. I think it’s safe to say that I was the first gringo to go there (at least missionaries). We really didn’t stay to long; one of the members that live in cuaji gave us a ride in his 1980 somthing bronco to Zoto. Long story short it was a pretty long, bumpy, dusty, and hot ride but never the less I’m grateful he was willing to help us out. Right after the interview we headed back to go to some other appointments that they had. All in all it went well. 
    This week went great work wise. We were able to meet just about all of our goals so were pretty happy about that. The zone leaders that are in my district had a baptism Saturday night and we ended up having 4 investigators (3 of which have baptism dates) go so it was a big blessing. You can always feel the spirit super strong at Baptisms. Afterwards we gave them a tour of the church and they all seemed to like it. So the work is going great here. There have been a lot of little earthquakes here in pinotepa. It’s made me super paranoid to be honest. Every little vibration that I feel I think it’s an earthquake. So I need to get out of here its making me go crazy! It’s funny that you said to watch out for the dogs in the letter you sent me because while I was talking on the phone the other day when one snuck up behind me and tried to bite the back of my leg however it has horrible aim and coordination and only ended up hitting the back of my leg with its snout so jokes on him! HA. It did scare me though.... I also pulled a flee off of me the other day so now I know how josh feels. I have no idea where it came from but I didn’t have anymore so that’s good.
   Well I had better get going but I love you all so very much! I hope everything goes good for you throughout the week. Until next time,
Elder Hope!
 p.s. I bet the 49s win..... Just saying.

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