Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wow this has been a pretty crazy week and there is so much I would love to tell you all but so little time so I’ll try to do the best that I can. First off so you’re not all wondering we did get changes and it turns out that I’ll be staying here in my area. My comp Elder Lopez is going to the city which is a little sad we got a long well and had some good times together. My new comp might sound familiar to you all, his name is...... Elder........ Adams! You’re all probably thinking right now "weren't they comp in the mtc?" the answer is yes, yes we were. I’m pretty excited. Elder Adams is a really good guy; it should be interesting to see what happens. I’m not too sure why pres put us together all I know is that he’s had problems in the past. President knows were good friends and has asked me before to talk to him and try to help him out so I’m thinking that might have something to do with it but who knows. I’m excited for it. 

   Well I saw some pretty interesting things this week; I saw a cock fight for the first time the other day while I was walking in the street, New Years Eve there were a bunch of people shooting guns in to the air. So many that both me and my comp found two bullets while walking in the street the next day. I also fell a little sick this week with grippe (cold) which wasn’t very fun but I’m taking drugs so I feel a little better ha. Its kind funny to think that you can get a cold when you sweat all day and night but I guess it cooled off a little too much one night and we left all the windows open with a fan blowing on my head. When you have that deadly combination here in pinotepa you get sick. One of my good Friends here in the mish is going home today, his name is elder Barr. He’s a dl here in the zone and his area is right next to ours so we also run into each other. It’s kind of sad to see him go but we have plans to hang out when I get home. 

   I read a pretty cool little talk the other day and I wanted to share a little of it with you all. It talked a lot about how when we dwell on small little offences they usually end up getting bigger! It’s something that I have really learned her on the mish living with other people who are completely different than you. A lot of times people will do little things that you may not like. You have two ways of dealing with the problem, you can dwell on it and let it get to you or you can forget about it and let it go. I'm not sure if any of this is making sense ha-ha but I hope it does. Life really is too short to be mad all the time and a lot of the time even when people do small stupid stuff we shouldn't let it get to us... there’s more important things to worry about it life.  Well I had better get going I just wanted to share that little thought with you all I hope it makes sense. I love you all so much and I hope everyone is doing alright!

Con Amor, Elder Hope!

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