Monday, December 31, 2012

    What’s up family? Like Dad said it was really good getting to talk to you guys the other week and I really enjoyed it. It was also good getting to hear every ones voice and like you said it had been awhile since I had spoken to josh so it was really good to finally get to talk to him after two years. It sounds like you all have some pretty fun plans for this upcoming year so that’s good! I can’t believe this year has already come and gone. It went by really fast! 
    Well to be honest this week was a little slower than normal. A lot of our investigators were out of town for the holidays so we had a lot of down time but we made the best of it. We were able to find a couple families to teach, a family of 4 and another family of six, five of which can be baptized so we’re seeing some blessings. We have actually talked to the family a couple times and the dad seems pretty interested which is sweet because it’s usually the other way around in which the dad never wants anything so it’s a blessing. He also told us that his son loves the folleto we left with them to read and that he almost has it memorized! I really hope all goes well for them and that they will continue progressing. You’ll have to pray for them.  
   I do have some great news, we have been teaching a person named Lalo (not sure if I have ever told you about him or not) but this last Saturday he was baptized! Lalo is 18 years old and we met him through his brother Pedro who is a recent convert. There both really good people and we have been working with them a lot these past few months. Lalo likes the church and has a good testimony that its true but his mom is very catholic and didn’t support him at all in his decision to be baptized (little does she know we’re going to baptize her next!) jk ha-ha but it really would be cool if she would listen to us and join her sons in the true church. The baptism went smooth without any problems so that was also a big blessing. It was a really good experience and I’m glad I was a part of it. 
   Also Like I said this Sunday well have changes so well have to wait to see what happens. I think I will stay here for another change which is alright but I’ll be ready to go after ha-ha but who knows well see what happens. Well for the most part that’s what happened. For new year’s its about 100% sure we`ll just keep working, we might get to go home early because people here like to shot their guns in the air and a lot of members have told us to go home early so we will also see what happens this week ha but I just want to let you all know how much I love you guys. Thanks so much for the support and I hope you have a great week!
Love Elder Hope!

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