Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Elder Martinez

WOW this is nothing like the MTC just thought i would say that haha
but before I forget let me answer some of your questions. Dad I got the
dear elder on Saturday so it worked! My comps name is E. Martinez.
He was born somewhere in mexico, I think by mexico city. He lived
in Utah for nine years so he speaks english but with a pretty heavy
accent. My area is called Cosijueza and the street i live on is
Mission de Sla Cruz so you’ll have to see if it’s on google. It’s pretty
crazy, I’m definitely not use to living in a big city. There are a lot of
drunk and homeless people here. The other day i saw a pretty
good fight between two little Oaxaca’s. One dude took a punch right to
the face! It was pretty intense because I thought he was going to pull
a gun out. I have no idea what he was saying but you could tell he was
pretty upset.
I wrote a letter and sent it on Saturday so look out for that. It cost
about a dollar to send.
I took some pics when I was flying-landing in Mexico City so let me
tell you, it’s a pretty big city! There were houses as far as you could
see. So it makes since why there are so many missions there.
The people here don’t really know how to drive... I guess the only rule
here is not talking on the cell phone. They don’t have very many stop
lights, mainly speed bumps, but after they go over that it’s like a
contest to see who can get from 0-60 the fastest haha it’s kind of funny
but scary at the same time. I took a taxi the other day and it was..
well let’s just say interesting.
After we got here we stayed the night in the mission home which was
pretty nice except the spiders, in the MTC i only killed one spider
the whole time i was there. Here i killed a spider within an hour of
being here so I’ll have to get used to that. The next day we meet
our comps and went to our areas. My house is alright. I’m told its one
of the nicer ones. We have had a lot of water problems the whole time I’ve
been here. We don’t have hot water so we take cold showers but its ok
I’m just glad we have running water, well short of the water runs out
pretty fast when you’re taking a shower it randomly runs out so
you have to wait a couple min. before you get more.
There are stray dogs everywhere here. I mean EVERYWHERE! I don’t touch
them but my comp does, I’m pretty sure they have flees and some of
them look like their all but dead so it’s a little sad. I just hope
they stay on the street and not my plate.... I’ve already been asked if
i like grasshoppers and not knowing what they asked i said yes. Then
my comp told me what they just asked, next time i eat at that
members house they said i could have some. The houses here are super
small and made of tin but i wrote about them in the letter so i won’t
talk about them in this e-mail right now.
I’m starting to realize the MTC wasn’t too bad. I already miss the food.
There have been a couple things i have eaten that weren’t very good but i
ate it so they wouldn’t feel bad. I just take a bite and then hurry and
drink water so i can’t taste it. I also miss the hot showers and good
water but oh well.
Elder M and i have been pretty busy here. I was told that the
missionaries that were here before E Martinez were lazy and didn’t do
anything so were starting from scratch. We did challenge a lady to
baptism last night so that was awesome! And we have contacted some
others who are interested so it’s cool.
OH my second day we were working Elder M. showed me something really cool! I
talk about it in the letter but ill we climb a hill every day and
after we taught some people he took me to the top and said turn
around, and on the next ridge over there were some pretty sweet
ruins! I wanted to take a picture so bad but E M. told me to leave my
camera that day because we were going to a pretty shady place but it
was super cool!
I’m about out of stuff to say but I’m doing well. It’s a little warm here
but its ok, my feet hurt from walking so much but I’ll get used to it
so it’s all good. I better go so i can send some pics.
love you all. You’re all in my prayers!

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