Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey family what’s going on? Sounds like you all have been having a good week and like josh said that’s weird that you don’t have snow. Dad thanks for the pics they were good to see and I also liked the pipe for the truck, can’t wait to see it on ha-ha.
Well just like Josh we had a BAPTISM!!! His name is Jacinto and he’s 9 years old. He’s been coming to church with his mom for about 4 weeks straight. The other week we were told that he wasn’t baptized. Both his parents are members but his dad has a drinking problem (Jacinto doesn’t go to school because the kids there make fun of him because his dad is a drunk, sad huh) and is inactive. The whole family goes but him. We met with Jacinto every day this past week to prepare him for baptism. He’s really smart for a nine year old who doesn’t go to school He can read and all that and everything we taught him he remembered. When we got to the church and he saw the font he was pretty excited, we had a very good baptism with little problems so it was awesome. After the baptism I asked Jacinto how he felt and he was like, “I feel good" It’s so cool to see the spirit working with people. Were having a lot of success here in Xadani and I’m glad to be here in the area.
The other day we received so exciting news, on the third of March Elder Scott and Clark will be coming to Oaxaca to speak with us! I’m pretty excited it’s going to be a long day though. We will leave Juchitan at like 12 p.m. for Oaxaca and arrive there in the morning eat, listen to Elder Scott and Clark and then head back to Juchitan. I’m not sure when we will get back but it will probably be late.
Things are going good here like I said, we have a lot of work to do here but I’m glad that we do. Right now I can’t think of anymore to say so I better get going. I’m glad to hear Josh is doing good and all that. Dad you don’t have to send the dear elders if you don’t want because I don’t get them to fast. I’ll keep looking for the package, maybe when were in Oaxaca I’ll get it or be able to check in the offices for it but who knows. I hope that you are all doing well and being safe. Let me know if anything crazy happens and all that. I just want you to all know how much I love you all. Thanks so much for all you do for Josh and I. I better send you some pics so until next week,
Love Elder HOPE II

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