Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What up everybody? Sounds like everyone is doing good and having fun! Sounds like you had a good week with the kids back in the house and also that Jeff and Becky returned back from their trip safely. I’m glad they were able to see some ruins while they were there because pictures don’t do justice. It’s awesome! Thanks Dad for sharing the quote and testimony and Mom for being amazing, I have the best parents in the world! It sounds like Josh is doing pretty well other than the lizards in his house. We have some here also in our house but only four or five. Personally I think they’re pretty ugly. There a light pink color and you can kind of see through them. We also have frogs in our bathroom. Every morning when I wake up and go out there there are about five chilling in the sink and on my shaving cream so I have to shew them away. The other morning one decided to jump on me which helped me wake up pretty fast. Luckily their not very big.
This week has been pretty good, oh I forgot to tell you but we had changes on Sunday but we didn’t change. I’m still here in Xadani with Elder Juarez. I figured we wouldn’t change because he only has a week and a half more than me here in the area so we haven’t even been here a full change yet. I’m excited for this change, we were able to get all the papers for the couple that wants to get married on the 14th of this month but as always satin tried to stop us. We went to the Plazo the other day to get the last paper for them but when we got there we found that some of the people in Xadani were on strike because they think the mayor is stealing their money. Well when we got there we didn’t know what was going down so we tried to walk in the building but we were stopped by ten people with sticks saying that the office is closed until the 15th so we were like uh huh ok and left. Looking back it was a little dangerous for us to be there and we could have possible been beating with sticks ha-ha but we didn’t so it’s all good. I believe they settled the problem latter in the day and so we were able to get all we needed.
We have a lot of good investigators here, one of which is a kid of 9 years whose mom is a member but for some reason wasn’t baptized so we will be teaching him. The other is the women were helping get married, and also a little girl of about 11 years the only problem with her is her dad said she can’t be baptized but there are a couple members that say they know her dad and will talk to him so I’m excited for this change.
Oh I still haven’t got grandmas package or your dear elder, since I’m far away from the offices the Zone leaders only go there once a month for letters and packages so who knows when ill get it and the letters... I also discovered that I need to shake my cloths before putting them on because sometimes ants get in them. At least that’s what I found out the other day ha-ha. I also have to put mosquito spray on before I go to bed or they kill me in my sleep but I love it. I like it here in Xadani the people are nice and the members are willing to help when we teach people who don’t speak Spanish. I just want to let you know I know the church is true and that the book of Mormon blesses our lives. I love you all, have a good week Love El Hope!

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