Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hey family, how’s everything doing? From what I hear it sounds like everything is going good except dad getting rear-ended ha that’s not too good but I’m glad to hear that everyone is alright. Also that’s awesome that you all basically got to hang out with Elder Nelson! Even shaking his hand is something really cool and something that you won’t ever forget. Dad has a pretty sweet job! I also got the pics of Jc snowboarding which makes me miss the cold ha-ha and the pics of Crue. Someone tell that monster happy bday for me!
This week went pretty good, we had divisions with some other elders in our district because my comp, Elder Juarez is DL. So on Tuesday I was here in Xadani with elder Callings and it went pretty well. He only has 2 months in the mission so he’s pretty new but we had some lessons and everything went well. Tomorrow we have divisions again and once again I’ll be here in Xadani with Elder De Allve (he only has like 3 weeks in the mission) so I hope all goes well tomorrow also.
This week will be interesting, yesterday night a week long party started here in Xadani and I’m hoping its not going to interfere with our teaching and all that but I’m sure it’ll be a little harder to find our investigators because they will all be at the party. But who knows. It sounds like Josh is doing well and is having a lot of success so that’s awesome! I hope that all his investigators will follow through and that there won’t be many problems for him.
I’m pretty excited for the 3rd of March, Were hoping that we will be able to shake Elder Scotts hand like you did with Elder Nelson, that would be cool but the whole mission is going to be there so who knows if he will have time. They are pretty busy people. Also I hope my package is there but if not it could be a while before I get it. But I’ll let you know what happens for show.
I hope that everyone one is doing alright and that everyone are being safe. I know this is kind of a boring letter but I can’t think of anything more to write... I just want you to all know that I love you and pray for you every day! I’ll try sending some pics but until next time,
con amor, Elder Hope

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