Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making Memories

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m writing so early but as you know today we have changes and I’m leaving Xadani.... it’s pretty bitter sweet and I don’t really want to leave this place. The members here are wonderful and always willing to help, I was also starting to pick up a lot of zapateco and by the time I come home I should have a short memorized testimony in zapeteco! I am glad that this time I was able to go around saying bye to a couple people that I have become pretty good friends with. I stopped by Ofelia and said bye to her which actually went pretty well until she about started to cry... One member also told me and my comp that he should go not me ha-ha I thought it was pretty funny but E. Orth didn’t.
E. Orth turned out to be a really sweet elder and we got a long really well. We were having a really good time sharing the the gospel and making memoires. The other day we went to this investigators house and her grandpa was there who is pretty old. We found out later that he told her granddaughter that if we went back he would throw rocks at us because we’re 2 white boys and we just want to "steal his granddaughter".
I guess I better tell you where I’m going before I forget. I’m heading back to the city of Oaxaca to a place called Etla. I’m pretty nervous because this will also be my first change as senior comp to an Elder with 3 months in the mission (Elder Bird). But I also know that the lord will be there to help me in times of need and that as long as I am obedient all will be well. The scripture found in Ether 12:27 has brought on a new meaning as he can make "weak things become strong unto them". I know as long as I have faith all will be well. I also know that there is someone there that needs my help in Etla and I hope and pray I will find whoever it is. I also know that this change I will grow a lot and that and I am excited for that.
The other day E Orth and I walked into our house and found a pretty nice surprise.... We opened the gate that leads to our little yard and found an old lady standing with a box of wood and a knife in her hands. We were both pretty surprised and speechless and before we could say anything she said she was the aunt of the land owner. It didn’t really make me feel any better because we leave the doors wide opening to the back of the house to try to keep it a little cooler. She didn’t take anything other than the branches that were on the grounds so that’s good. To this day were not sure how she got into the yard, my guess is she used the big kitchen knife to pop it open. (I know that doesn’t make sense but if you saw the doors here it would).
It sounds like everyone is doing well and that’s cool that Jeff and Becky come down to visit . I enjoyed the pics so keep sending them. Sound’s like Jc is always going four wheeling! ha-ha I’m pretty jealous but just be safe ight. Thanks dad for telling her I get a bike first ha-ha. Hey quick question did you guys ever send me a package with the new journal in it? If you haven’t sent it yet throw in some keep cool looking ties because I come to find out that I don’t have very many..... just saying. Today is kind of crazy but I’ll try to send pics if I can use my comps camera cable (mines buried in my bags) I just found out that I won’t leave to the city until 4:15 so I’ll get there somewhere around 10-11 at night. I better go but I just want to let you all know I love you and am thankful for all you do.
I was reading about charity this morning and ran across this. “Perhaps the greatest charity comes when we are kind to each other, when we don’t judge or categorize someone else, when we simply give each other the benefit of the doubt or remain quite” Elder Marvin J. Ashton. Be kind to others; serve them when you see the opportunity, help those who are having a hard time. I promise that you will feel the savories love as you do so and that he will poor blessings upon us.
I love you all so very much and I know this is the lord’s work. Be safe and always remember your prayers. Until next week and with love,
Elder Hope

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