Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wow, this has been a really good week but first thanks everyone for the birthday wishes you’re all awesome!
So fun fact of the day here in Xadani people get married here when they are 12-16 years old and usually the groom has to pay the bride’s mother money and give them fruit, a dead chicken, a live chicken and a bunch of other stuff (the other day a guy bought a girl for 35000 pesos which is quite a bit of money for the people here in Xadani). So now you know.
Like I said this week has been awesome, yesterday we had a baptism, Florentino and Tirse (the couple Elder Juarez and I helped get married). It was really cool and the ward decided to come this time. We don’t have a baptism font here so we rented a truck and all jumped into the back and drove to Juchitan about 15 mins away. It was pretty crowed but it was really cool to see the members there to welcome them in the church afterwards. The baptism once again was in Zapateco which is sweet because I’m learning a new language. Tobi chupa chona tapa gaayu shopa gaxde shono gaa chi. Ya I just counted to ten in Zapateco, what up now ha-ha. I really like it here in Xadani but we have changes this Sunday and I might leave... At least I hope not but who knows.
Florentino and Tirsa have met with missionaries for over 2 years now, a pretty long time. The first missionaries to teach them taught and baptized three of their kids but they couldn’t get baptized until they were married. Tirsa really wanted to get baptized so that’s why we helped them get married and all that. Florentino was pretty nervous but afterward she said he felt good and I could tell he was happy.
Today for my B-day we played some basketball which was awesome because I haven’t played for about 5 months now. It was pretty bad at first but it came back after awhile and was really fun. Afterwards our district went to B.K. and my comp bought me a Jr whopper (it tasted awesome) so that was really nice of him. To be honest I don’t feel 20, but it sure does sound old ha-ha.
Thanks for the B-day card and the memory cards for my camera, and everything else. You guys are awesome. I better go but I just wanted to let you know that I love you all! Take care and ill write next week.
Con Amor, E HOPE

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