Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hey family,
Well what’s up? First off yes I’m ok and I’m doing well. I sent you a quick e-mail after the earth quake did you not get it? Me and some other elders in my district were in Bodega buying food when all of the sudden everything started moving ha-ha. It gave everything a pretty good shake and was defiantly a first. I have felt some little ones here but nothing like this one so it was interesting. But I’m doing good and getting used to my area. Etla 2 is a pretty big area, were always taking taxis to get to one side to the other but its all good. Etla 1 has bikes and I’m pretty jealous because I wished we had some also! But it’s all good. The ward here is the biggest I have been in so far with about 300 members so it’s pretty big and a lot different than the little house of prayer in Xadani which I think I’ll miss a lot.
I’m still getting to know the area and my comp like I said. To be honest we don’t have anything in common other than both our name tags say "Elder" so it could be an interesting change. He actually has more time in the mission than I thought and is only one change behind me so that helps because he knows what to do.. Well kind of... He told me that he is a "dead elder" which means him and his comp sat at home most of the time and did nothing. He has been her in the area for 3 weeks and doesn’t know it all too well so it’s been interesting... there is a lot of work here to do so that’s good. The first part of the week went by slow and we really didn’t have anyone to teach, but the lord is answering our prayers and we have found a couple people that are interested so that’s good.
I love the weather here in the city, its perfect! The one thing I won’t miss about Xadani is the heat. Also we have hot water here so I can take hot showers again!
It sounds like a lot of things are changing around the house, you’ll have to show me a pic when all is said and done. Does Jc go riding every week now or what? It sounds like she’s having fun just be safe. Dad that’s sweet that you will get to be with Elder Ballard, you’ll have to tell me how that goes. I listened to him in the mtc and he gave a very good talk. I hope when I get home will be able to "help" you watch over them. I know I’m forgetting a bunch of stuff but I need to send pics so I better go. I’ll be looking for the journal and all that. If you need anything let me know. Take care and be safe, I love you all and your all in my prayers! Until next week, love E. Hope

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