Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hey everyone what’s cracking? It sounds like you have all had a pretty busy week with the yard work and ISAT test. Those were never really fun ha. You heard right there have been a couple more earthquakes here, one happened at about in the morning but luckily I was so tired I just slept through it ha-ha the other we were in a taxi or something so I didn’t feel it. There sure seems to be a lot down here and everyone said it’s because the world is about to end....
Thanks for taking care of the pics, I was starting to wonder if you had ever got them because I didn’t hear anything but I hope you liked the pics.
This week was a pretty good week, we had a couple people come to church with us so that was really awesome. We also have a baptism lined up for this Sunday, his name is Andres’ and he’s about years old. He was a reference from a member and he’s a good guy. He’s made mistakes in his past but he knows that baptism is important and he is ready. So this Sunday we should have a baptism!
We also finally confirmed people that were baptized a week before I got to the area. Their names are Gullamina and Javier (mother and son). After their baptism they didn’t go to church and so we have been spending a lot of time teaching them the importance of church and the gift of the Holy Ghost. We finally got them to go to conference but we couldn’t confirm them until the next Sunday she was out of town, but this week we got her to come and they were finally confirmed so that makes me happy.
We also had a couple less active members come back to church, a dad and his son. They have been less active for... well a long time so it was really cool to see them back in the church. The dad doesn’t have arms... were not too sure what happened all we know (from what he told us) is that some people chopped them off with a machete. So ya... nevertheless he came back and said he’s going to come next week also so that’s cool.
Oh before I forget tell Grampy Jim I say Happy B-day.... it’s a little early but I know it’s coming up. That’s about all we did this week or at least what I can remember right now. We don’t have too much time so I better jet, but thanks everyone for the love and support and the prayers! I know that they help. I love you all so much and I hope you all have a good week. I pray for your safety nightly so I hope all is well back at home.
Take care and until next week, Con Amor,

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