Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hey family what’s going on? This week has been really sweet and there have been a lot of things going on. First off before I forget tell Jim and Grandma thanks for the money they sent, and also for the new book to write in. It’s perfect.
On wed we got to attend the temple which was really sweet as always. Every month the elders get to go at least once, I’m not really in the city but most of the other districts are so our zone got to go (I don’t think I told you this but I’m actually back in my first zone Monte Alban and I’m like an hour away from my first area. Also I saw a couple people from my first area there at the priesthood session. It was pretty cool to get to talk to them for a little bit before we had to return back to our area.
Dad that’s super cool you will be with Elder Ballard this week! I really enjoyed this weekend with being able to hear all the good talks and what not I learned a lot. This was the first time I haven’t been able to listen to it in English which was a little different but it was all good.
Also thanks for all the pictures, looks like everyone is doing good! to be honest my mind is blank right now and I’m not sure on what to write so I’ll tell you of today’s grand adventure.
The other day we heard of a pretty cool waterfall that was in Etla, so my comp and I decided that we should go and check it out with the other elders of etla (one has been there before so he knew how to get there.... kind of) We woke up pretty early and borrowed a couple bikes from some members and started off for the waterfalls. Well we biked for a couple mins until we came to a pretty steep hill... steep enough we had to walk up it. Anyways long story short we ended up pushing our bikes up these switch backs for nearly two hours.... it was horrible!!!! I’m so out of shape, after about 2 hours we were out of water and it was pretty hot. Luckily after awhile a truck passed by and gave us a ride. If we wouldn’t have hitched hiked it probably would have taken another two hours! Luckily we got to the water fall and it was pretty sweet! There was a little hut where a guy sold fish so we all sat down, just the four of us and ate some pretty good fish on the top of a mountain. It started off horrible but ended up really well. Also going down was a lot better than going up (maybe because I was using a little girl’s bike...).
My comp is from Missouri and he’s a good Elder and he’s working hard so that’s good. Umm what else.... My toe, well that was a pretty fun experience after I forced my shoe on and went back to work. It felt pretty weird but it’s all good now and there hasn’t been a problem. I’m going to try to send some pic’s. I love you all so very much and pray for you nightly. I also got the letter about Ross and Jean and it was pretty hard to read but I’m going to keep praying for them every night and I hope they will be ok. You’re all amazing!
Love Jake

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