Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hey family what’s up
  Well ill start off with the bad news first... our baptism fell through this week. I’m not sure if I mentioned this last week but our invest Andres has had some problems in the past and ended up spending a little time in jail. The other day he had an interview with our D.L. and afterwards our D.L. told us he would need a special interview with the President. So I have been talking with the Pres to schedule an appointment and it turns out that we have one today at 7pm so ya hopefully that all made sense. But dad it’s funny that you shared that quote because I just read it this morning and when I read it I thought about Andres, It’s never too late to repent and the gospel really can make bad men good and good men better.
   It sounds like you all have been pretty busy with yard work and all that ha. Don’t worry Josh will be there to help out pretty soon! It’s crazy that all his friends are all getting home, sounds like you have a busy Sunday coming up. Tell them I all say hi. I’m glad to hear Dillon is doing well and that you guys were able to talk with him a bit. Also Tell Matt that I say hi and wish him luck for me, he’ll do great.
   This week has been a pretty busy one; we had 6 of our investigators come to church Sunday which was pretty awesome. We have been receiving a lot of help from the member this week and they have been coming with us to our lessons which are super awesome because an extra testimony always helps. A couple of our invest also speak different languages, Mezteco and Mixe so I made a deal with them that I would teach them English if they teach me theirs. So I’m trying to learn Mezteco and Mixe. Also the church here has been advertising an on-line English class from BYU-I and there are a couple members here who were accepted. One of the members needed help figuring out how to work the web page and how to add the class and everything so we went over to her house and we signed her up for the class and everything. It seems kind of crazy that BYU-I has reached all the way here in Oaxaca, just goes to show its growing.
   Oh and it sounds like I’m going to be rich with me Tax return..... Ha-ha oh well. This week on Wednesday I get to go to the temple again so I’m pretty excited for that. Also this is the last week of the change so we will have changes this Sunday but I’m pretty sure I’ll be staying here in Etla which is ok. But I guess we will find out. I better go but take care and be safe. I love you all so much.
Until next week,
E. Hopè!

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