Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What up family!
  First off happy father’s day dad I hope you had a good Sunday, and mommy happy birthday!!!! I sent you both a card not too long ago and I hope that you got it or will get it soon. Dad like you said it has been raining quite a bit here, I guess there was a little hurricane that passed by the other day. It killed two people in Oaxaca and 18 others are missing in the state next to us so it was pretty bad. The other day we were stuck in a house for a good two hours because our leader called us and told us we couldn’t go out until it calmed down a bit. When it’s not raining it’s pretty warm. I’m still great full I’m in the city because it has the best weather in Oaxaca so I know God loves me ha-ha.
   I’m glad to hear Josh made it home safely, he looked a little tired in his pics ha-ha but I’m sure it was a pretty exciting week with everyone home again. It sounds like Josh did a good job on his talk and I look forward to hearing it. I’m sure going home is like leaving for the mission, your happy, sad, nervous, and have no idea what’s going on the first couple days but I’m sure all he needs is to mow some laws and he’ll get back into the swing of things ha-ha.
   This was a pretty good week with a couple ups and downs. We’re teaching an investigator named Perla right now and she is so close to getting into the water, all she needs is a little push. A week ago she told us she received an answer and wanted to be baptized. However the other day when talking to her she shared her story. Her family is very un sportive in her decision to be baptized and they told her not to do it. We did the best we could to give her more confidence in her decision and encouraged her to act on her answer. She left happy and excited. Sunday she didn’t come to church so we called her up and was like what’s up why didn’t you come to church? She then told us that she no longer wanted to be baptized and didn’t want to cause more problems in her family. We were pretty shocked and didn’t understand how in one day her decision could change so fast (were starting to think she’s bipolar....). Anyways were still working with her and we hope that this week she will be baptized so remember her in your prayers. Were also hoping this week that we will be able to find a couple new investigators throughout the week.
   Well I know this is short but I had better go I hope that you are all doing well and that you guys have fun on your trip. Make sure to take some pics so I can see what Oregon looks like and also be safe. How long of a drive is it there 7 hrs? I just want to let you know how grateful I am to be born into a family with a firm faith in the gospel. There is defiantly a difference between families with the gospel and families without it. There’s so much more peace and love for one another, were so lucky.
I love you all so much and I hope all is going well at home. Until next time love ya boy,
Elder Hope

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