Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wow these have been a crazy last two weeks, sorry about not writing last week Josh was right we had transfers and I totally forgot to tell you guys because one I was about 100 percent sure I was going to stay but Nope! Right now I’m sitting in the coast in a place called Pinotepa. It’s about 12 hours away from where I used to be. I left Sunday right after we got the calls and stayed the night in Juchitan with the L.Z. then I woke up left Juchitan at 7 and headed to my new area. I was lucky and got to stop at the coolest place here in Oaxaca it’s called Puerto Escondido I took some pics and if I have time I’ll try to send them off to you, but if not look it up on the computer it’s amazing! I was only there for a couple hours while I went and ate with some other elders. I got there about 2 pm and then I got on another bus and took a three hour ride from Puerto to Pinotepa. I found out this week that president is one of those guys that like to rip the bandage off fast because he moved me up to district leader. I’m also training my new comp E Lopez, and were re-opening our area so it’s quite a big load but I’m excited and I know that I will learn a lot here.
I’m living with 2 other elders, our LZ so that’s pretty cool. One of them is named E. Hollis. He was in etla before I was and one of his converts that I worked a lot with got sealed this week in the Temple and we both got to go! So me and E. Hollis rode on a bus from Pino to Oaxaca (WHICH IS LIKE ANOTHER 11 HOURS) over night. That day we went to the sealing and it was awesome. I actually was teaching the sister of the lady that got sealed and she told me that her sister is now baptized and with the new change in age limit for missions she is wants to go on a mission. Her name was Epifania. It was super cool because I got to see a lot of the members from Etla and talk to them a little bit. That night we got on another bus at 9pm to go back to Pino. So these last couple weeks I have been on a bus for a really long time and I have been all over Oaxaca! But I loved it.
It’s hot here in Pino, not as hot as Ixtepec but the problem is our area is all HILLS so I’m sweating like crazy here. Were about 40 mins away from the coast so it’s also a little humid. I’m still just getting used to the change. Our branch here is tinny! This Sunday there was like 35 members there in total so we hope we will be able to add a few numbers to that. I’m sorry that this letter is all over the place and I hope it all makes sense but I have better go so I can try to send some pics. I love you all so much and I love hearing what’s going on around the house and with the local sports so keep that up. I hope all is well and I hope you all have a great week. Take care and be safe.
Love Elder Hope  

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