Tuesday, October 30, 2012


What’s up family? Wow this has been another crazy day and week. I and my comp are still working pretty hard to find some new people to teach here in Pino, we have found a couple of pretty cool people. Tomorrow I’m going to be going to a different state!!! Turns out our mission goes a little into the next state over, Guerrero so tomorrow I’m going on divisions with the elders in the area of cuaji so ill be chilling outside of Oaxaca for a day crazy huh! 

 My new comp is elder Lopez; he’s from Sonora and has about two months in the mish so I’m just finishing up the training. He’s a pretty good kid and is a really good teacher. It’s been really fun to be with someone straight from the MTC because he’s ready to work and wants to talk to everyone. We live with the Zone Leaders and there both pretty cool guys, one is named E Hollis he’s from Arizona and we get along really well. He’s also kind of teaching me how to play the guitar in our spare time. 

We found a pretty cool family this week. It actually just started off contacting. We met a lady who was really nice and let us in her house to teach a little bit. We taught about Joseph smith and the book of Mormon she accepted the lesson really well and we placed a date to come back. When we went back her husband was hanging out in this hammock reading the book of Mormon! He told us he has never seen it before and he was really excited to learn more about the church. There both really cool people and I can defiantly see them progressing in the church. 

That’s crazy how much it has snowed over there, right now I’m sweating! I wanted to go snowboarding pretty bad the other day but I know that can wait. I can’t believe that Thor is a dad of 7 ha-ha you’ll have to send me a pic of that also. As for the shoes everything is ok there still holding p pretty good. But I could use a nice razor and some extra blades. Also our mish just banned iPod touches and guess what I have an iPod touch so I’m thinking that I’ll send it home the next time I send a package. I still haven't got the last one you sent me but this week we are going back to Puerto Escondido's for a zone conference. The area president is coming to talk to us so if the package is in the office I should get it there. Thanks for keeping me informed on what’s going on at home I like to hear the news. I love you all so much but I had better get going. I hope you all have a good week and ill write again soon! 
Love Jake  

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