Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Que Onda?
   Yo what’s up family! Wow what a good week. It’s good to hear that Jim is doing better and I hope that everyone has a good Thanksgiving, I’m about 100 % sure we will just work that day like we did last year so everyone eat a little for me! That’s sweet to hear that the football team took state! good for them and tell CJ congrats! Tell josh I want to see the deer that Jody shot this year and also to be careful hunting, I just heard the other day that an elder in our zones brother died in a hunting accident so BE CAREFULL! 
   So much went down and I would like to tell you everything I did but I’ll probably forget something cool or won’t have time but I’ll try anyways. Saturday I went to Puerto Escondido’s again for a meeting with all the DLS AND ZLS with Pres the assistants. All I have to say is that the mission is changing like CRAZY! The short version is that they basically don't want us to have to knock doors anymore! Actually there are nine missions here in Mexico where they don’t ever knock doors and they have more success then us ha-ha! the plan for the mission is that we will work more with the members and that the members will step up and support the missionary program here in Mexico so all we will have to do as missionaries is teach. It’s going to include a lot of work but I’m supper excited to be a part of all the changes. So Saturday we spent just about all day there. On the way back president gave us a ride back to Pinotepa which is a 3 hour drive from Puerto. I learned that pres is a crazy driver that day, we made the drive in trip in less than 3 hours, hit a couple topes (random speed bumps they have in the roads here) and almost took out a huge Iguana that was crossing the road. It was a sweet trip and I learned a ton.
   Sunday was sweet also because we had a district conference with all the little branches here including Cuajiniuilapa, Huaxsolo and Huaxaltepec. We filled the building with 27 investigators! It was awesome; Pres Leyva and all the other members gave a super sweet talk and filled the building with the spirit. Pres Leyva spoke about tithing and fast offerings and did a fantastic job. He’s such a smart guy and I love listing to him speak. We had a sweet Investigator come named Susana come even though so was so sick she could barely walk. She said she felt horrible but really enjoyed the talks and even though she was sick she knew she had to go to church. Also ever since I got here we have been visiting with a less active member named Marilena, I must say I was pretty happy when she walked in and sat behind us. She too also loved the talks that were given. It was a supper good week and It went by way to fast, this is also the last week of the change so we will have changes this week but I’m sure I will stay here... at least I think so! But I had better go once again I love you all so much and I hope you all have a good week! Take care and know that you are all in my prayers!
AKA Buscavidas!

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