Wednesday, November 7, 2012


   What’s up family sounds like it has been a pretty eventful week back at home, I hope that Jim is doing well and that he will be able to recover, tell grandma and them I say hi. That’s sweet that Madison is winning, it sounds like they have had some pretty good games so far. 

   This week was pretty sweet like I said I got to go back to Puerto this week where we had a multi zone meeting. It was super cool because we got to hear from Jose Alonzo, a 70. It was a super cool meeting and I learned a ton! The way Elder Alonzo taught was really cool. He’s a funny guy and is really good at motivating people. He spoke a lot on asking people for references and inviting them to be baptized. He also shared a lot of cool scriptures with us from the Book of Mormon and from the Bible. I wish I had time to share them with you but I don’t ha. I only hope that one day I will be able to know as much as he does when it comes to the scriptures. I wake up every morning and read from the book of Mormon on a little balcony that we have (we live in an apartment about 4 stories up) I love it because it looks over the city. It really is a pretty place here in Pinotepa. There have been a couple of little earth quakes here, I don’t have a bed frame and I sleep on the floor so I always feel the little movements of the building. 

   Hey so what’s going on over there in the states? I heard that there was a really bad hurricane that hit New York and that a lot of people have died is that true? Maybe you can send a little clipping and ill print it off next week to read. 

   I just found out that tomorrow I will be heading back to Oaxaca tomorrow night at 8 to fill out some more papers for my visa. So it looks like it will be another long night on the bus ha-ha but oh well. I’ll stay there for the day and then head back home wed night at 9pm.  I still haven’t got the package that you sent me but I’ll keep an eye out for it. Maybe when I go to the offices wed it will be there. 

   Well once again I’m pretty much out of time so I better get going, Once again I love you all so much and I hope everyone is having a good day. I’ll let you know how my trip to Oaxaca goes next week. Love you all have a good week!

Elder Hope!    

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