Thursday, November 15, 2012

   It sounds like a ton of stuff has been going on back at home! I hope that everyone is doing good and being safe. I did hear that Pres Obama won again so that's interesting...... ha. 
   Well this was a pretty good week. Like I said last week I went to Oaxaca and the trip went well. I was pretty tired when I got home but it was worth it and let me tell you why. When we were in Oaxaca we went and filled out all the papers and then we had some extra time before we had to get on another bus to head "home". we talked to president a little bit and he gave me Elder Graves permission to go to the temple and attend a session so we went. You wouldn't believe who I saw there..... As I was walking out I say EDDI my first convert!! It was super cool and really exciting. I had no idea that he was going to be there. IT WAS SUPER COOL TO GET TO TALK TO HIM A LITTLE BIT. He seemed a little nervous; it was his last week before he leaves on his mission. I was able to give him my email so that we will be able to keep in touch. When I got back to the offices I told President what happened and he was super happy for me. I love President Leyva he’s such a good guy and I can really tell that he loves each and every one of the missionary's like his own child. All in all it was a pretty sweet trip and I was super excited to talk to Eddie once before he left and congratulate. I will never forget it.
   On the other hand there have been a lot of little earthquakes here the past few weeks. The other day we were in the church and everything started to shake pretty well. Everyone here says that the world is going to end. What are the people saying back at home?
   My comp has been teaching piano classes every Saturday here in the church. In fact he was asked to play yesterday in another ward so that they could do their primary program. He really likes to play and I could tell he has a good time teaching piano. Oh I also got the package you sent me and that was awesome! I have loved eating the candy, drinks (I love the drinks they send me on a memory trip back home of me eating breakfast on the couch upstairs before I would go to school so I love it ha-ha)  I have to fight the other three elders that I live with to keep them away from the peanut butter ha-ha its worth more that gold here. 
   So many things have gone on that I would love to tell you all about but I just don’t have time! I’m keeping a pretty good journal so that when I get home I can share more stories with you all. I had better get going once again but thanks so much for all the support! I love hearing from you all every about what’s going on back at home. I hope that everything will go good for you all throughout the week and that you will all be safe! I pray for you nightly,

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