Sunday, December 30, 2012

   Well congrats Jeff and Becky! Dad told me the good news! thats sweet that the Hope family is growing. Well before I forget I had better pass you the number to the church here in Pino, 019545435354 Im not sure if that includes the extension or not but Im going to be calling home on the 25th so i hope that works for you all. I was thinking about calling you guys 5 o'clock MY time, I dont remember if your an hour ahead of me or behind but keep that in mind 5 PM MY TIME. I should be able to write you a small little letter monday to let you know if the plans change. FYI there going to be really strict on the 40 min time limit this year so have the questions ready and I will do my best to answer them all. Also I got the other package that you sent me so Im really excited to see whats in them! The Dyer Family also sent me a package which was really nice of them so if you see them tell them thanks.
  Also Josh I didnt forget about you but I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! man, your really getting OLD jk bro love you. Dad I hope thats you in the santa clause uniform or I'm gonna have to kick santas but for kissing my mom! ha-ha  I also got the pic of Josh and all of his old friends back together, they all still look like the same punks I knew in high school ha-ha. 
   Thats good to hear that Jim is doing better and that he was able to go to Church, I hope he keeps improving. I would tell you all what I have been up to but I thought I would wait until I can tell you over the Phone. Today we did play a little soccer which was pretty fun. Also the Christmas "party" that we had was pretty fun and I was pretty surprised! it was really good to see a pic of all the family together and I got a pretty good laugh at the pic you sent of the family a while back. For the most part thats about all I have, Im really excited to be able to talk to you all this Christmas and I hope you all have a good week and that you all travel safely throughout the week. If I forgot anything that you need to know about calling let me know and I will answer next monday. I love you and and Ill talk to you soon!!!!
Love Jake!

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