Tuesday, December 11, 2012

   What up family? How’s everyone doing? To answer your question I am doing a lot better than I was last week. I pretty sure what I had was a stomach infection and also an intestine infection which is caused by the food so I’m not too sure what I ate that made me so sick but I’m glad that it is over. 
    This has been a pretty good week. The zone leaders and I had divisions and it went really good. I was able to learn a lot and I hope I will be able to apply all that I learned so that I can become a better missionary. Also speaking of divisions tomorrow I will be heading to Cuajiniwilapa again to do divisions with the elders over there. So once again I Will be leaving Oaxaca to go to a different state for a day. The good thing about it is that it’s only an hour bus ride away from Pino.... ha. 
   Oh and before I forget, I got the package you guys sent me. It’s been hard not to open it but I’m going to wait until Christmas that way I will have at least some presents ha-ha. I did open the rain deer that you sent though and that was sweet the only bad thing is that I live with 4 other elders and they ate all the "deer poop" so now it’s just on my desk helping me get into the Christmas mood (it doesn’t feel like Christmas when it’s hot outside). 
   That’s sweet that you guys went to dills reception I’m sure it was pretty neat. I’m pretty sure the kid that sat and talked to you was a kid named Chris and yes we used to go lift at sugar together. That’s crazy that he’s getting married also. I also can’t believe that JC went snowboarding. I think I’m really starting to miss the snow but it’s all good I’m sure it will be there next year. 
   This week we were able to find a pretty cool investigator named Mario. He was a contact and right off the bat he seemed like a really nice guy. The other day we taught his a lesson and we asked him what he thought about baptism. He then told us that he was baptized twice before. After explaining to him about the priesthood and the importance of being baptized in the true church he told us he was willing to be baptized again! He’s a really good guy and I look forward to working with him some more. 
Well I know this is a boring letter but I’m going to try to send you some pics so I hope you get them. About Christmas I’ll be looking for a place in which we can call you guys and I’ll try to let you know what will work 
Well I hope you all have a good week, I love each and every one of you so much!  You’re always in my prayers!
Con Amor Elder Hope!

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