Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hey everyone what’s crack in? This week went by pretty fast not going to lie. I’m pretty sure it was due to the new area and what not. So far I’m still pretty lost and I’m doing my best to get to know the area but it’s pretty big so It'll probably be another week or two before I know it really well. My comp is a pretty good guy; he’s got a little less time than I do in the mission. Today I spent a good while cleaning the house because it was really dirty. I didn’t have time to finish so tonight will probably clean some more. 

Turns out there is a church right below us outside our window where we study... It’s been interesting to see how other churches run things. I learned this week that they run their churches off of fear. The pastor was telling the members to avoid other churches and not to listen to other pastors because the day they do they will be lost. I found it interesting because it’s completely different then how the TRUE church runs. We do everything out of love not fear. 

The other day I ate some tacos de cadenza or head tacos. They actually tasted pretty good. They people here in Juchitan are all really nice people for the most part.... ha. The members always give us food when we go to their houses and won’t let us leave until we eat. I should gain back all the weight that I lost in the coast. 

Saturday night we got a call to give talks in sacrament meeting so my first Sunday here in the branch I got to talk. It went well and I spoke about missionary work. I’m not sure if anyone liked it or not because no one here ever tells you if they liked your talk or not so it’s a little different than back at home when everyone tells you that you did well even though it wasn’t very good. We don’t have a chapel here only a house of prayer. It was pretty hot yesterday so it was kind of miserable. They also don’t have very many youth here so we bless the sacrament. I really don’t mind I actually like doing it. 

Before I forget here's Elder Lovell’s address, 21 north 4850 E Rigby Idaho 83442. Hopefully he’s called you guys by now..... 

It sounds like everyone is doing good back at home. I hope you all have fun on your trip to Boise and I hope you get there safely! I love you all so very much and I hope and wish the best for you all. Let me know if there is anything you need! 

Con Amor Elder Hope

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