Tuesday, March 12, 2013

 What’s up family? Wow I can’t believe that another week has already gone by! The time is flying. I got the two packages that you guys sent me so thanks so much for that! I love the new shirts and everything else that was in the packages!                         
  This week was pretty good, I went on divisions with the zone leaders and it was pretty fun. My comp for the day was Elder Monson. He’s from Sandy UT and is 6 feet 10 inches tall. I’m sure you know this but anyone who’s is 6ft 10in tall is a really tall person.  He sticks out pretty bad here. While we were walking in the street a girl stopped us and asked if she could take a pic of him it was pretty funny but I’m sure he gets a little sick of everyone telling him every day how tall his is ha-ha . Never the less it was a great day. 
   The other day we went to visit some less active members and shared a lesson with them. When we got there we sat down and started to talk a little bit. About 2 mins into the lesson I found a flea on my arm so I flicked it off.  Didn’t tell the member because I didn’t want them to feel bad. However a couple min. later I found another one! As we finished the lesson I felt like I was covered in fleas. They told us as we were walking out that their house had a lot of fleas. All I thought was “I noticed”.
   Sunday was a really cool day. We had stake conference but it was a little different than normal. We watched a broadcast from Salt Lake City that was only for southern Mexico. Elder Bednar and Elder Scott both spoke and it was really good! I would love to tell you all they said but there’s never enough time. We had an investigator go with us and he loved it. 
  I know this is a short message but I just want to let you all know how much I love you guys. Once again thanks for the packages! Take some pics of Gracie’s baptism for me!   
Love you all!

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