Tuesday, March 19, 2013


That’s right I just dropped some Zapateco on you all. I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by (like always). First off I did have a good birthday, probably one of the best. Obviously it would have been better if you all were here but never the less it was great. The members here are awesome, I ate so much cake this week that it was ridicules. Tuesday a part member family invited us over to eat a little cake....  we ended up eating a lot! We got there and they gave us some pie which was supper good. Then they gave us a couple tortes’ (there basically sandwiches) and after that they gave us more pie! It was insane. They also gave me a tie and a little gift package filled with food. It was insane. We ended up taking a full pie home for our self’s. Sunday the sister we ate with also surprised us and gave us more cake! She said, “I know you already had your birthday but I bought you more cake” so we ate cake and arroz con leche which is also a desert. I don’t know why the members like me so much but all in all it was a good birthday ha-ha. 

   This week I also went on divisions   with some of the elders in my district again. They have been struggling so I went to see how and what I could do to help them out. Everything went well and I was able to give them a little bit of advice on how to work more effectively. However when we were walking down the street a drunk in a motor taxi almost hit us and then told us in some "choice words" that gringos aren’t welcome here. It kind of annoyed me for a little bit but I got over it.

   O I don’t remember of I told you guys this last week but right now we’re looking for a new house and I’m not going to lie it’s a big pain! I swear the one ones that we have been able to find here in our area are supppper ghetto. Our area is also kind of "dangerous" so were only allowed to look in a certain part of our area. We need a miracle to find a house. We have to change houses because the house we live in is 2 stories. We live up stairs and no one lives below us; however the owner of the house is now renting the lower part so were basically getting kicked out. 

   I realized how lucky we are back at home to have a ward that functions and members who are willing to fulfill their callings. We had a meeting with our branch president the other day and we basically found out that he has no support from the members; it’s not that he’s a bad guy and no one likes him, they just don’t help him. He doesn’t even have councilors.  He asked us to help him out and I’m going to do all I can to do so.

    You’ll have to try to send some pics of the house I would like to see the color you chose. That’s good that’s its starting to heat but up for you, I’m sure your ready for the heat. Me on the other hand. .... I can’t wait to pick up my board and tear up the powder but I’ll have to wait a little bit longer to do that. 

   I hope you all have a great week and that all goes well. I love you all so very much! Until next week,

Elder Hope!

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