Tuesday, March 26, 2013


   Hey everyone how’s everything going back at home? Sounds like everyone is pretty busy with work or with school but that’s a good thing right? Also happy birthday Gracie and Jeff! I know I’m a couple days late for Gracie I hope she forgives me but I hope you had an awesome day! Tambien usted Jeff. 

   Alright so this was a pretty sweet week, first off we had a multi zone-conference here in the mission this last Thursday. It was pretty cool we listened to an area 70 named Elder Martinez. He spoke a lot on how to get references from members and investigators. It was interesting, he did a really good job explaining it and what not but I realized that I’m getting "old" in the mission now because everything he said I already knew... I hope that makes sense.

   It was interesting because President Leyva also told us that the church is launching a heavy campaign here about the Pascua, (Easter) here and there giving us permission to log into our face books accounts to like a page which tells the story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ followed by a testimony of the prophet. So if you see that I get on face I’m not being disobedient..... ha-ha they told us to. I’m still not too sure what they want us to do but there giving us thirty mins today, Wednesday, and Friday to answer questions about what we believe about Pascua as members of the church. To be honest I don’t even know if I remember my password so if not oh well. 

   I also went back to Xadani this week to do a couple baptism interviews for the elders out there. It was a really cool experience. Another and her son were being interviewed, the mom speaks pretty good Spanish so that wasn’t a problem however, the kid who’s 11 doesn’t. Soo for the interview we had to invite a member to translate what I said in Spanish into zapateco. It was a really cool experience and all went well. I was able to go to their baptism Saturday morning which was a blessing. 

   The other day while we were teaching the restoration a bird pooped on me while my comp was sharing the first vision. I’m sure it was Satan trying to drive the spirit away ha-ha or just bad luck. 

   We still haven't found a house which is a bummer. But we’ll keep looking. Dad thanks for looking up those classes for me I wrote them down in my agenda so that when time comes I will be able to take the classes I need. THANKS! 

I had better get going but thanks so much family for all you guys do you’re the best!

Until next week, con Amor Elder Hope!


P.S. it’s 95 degrees here in Juchitan :)

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