Thursday, June 13, 2013

   Wow like always this week has gone bye really fast, I feel like the days are going bye faster and faster each day. This was another pretty good week as far as the work goes. Where finding a lot of new people to teach which is good and we also have a couple people lined up for baptism which is great. If all goes well we should have a couple baptisms!
    We had interviews here in our zone this last Saturday everything went great and I had a good time talking to President. While President interviewed the Elders, I helped the assistants train all the other Elders to learn how to be future leaders. They actually told me right before that I was to help so that was a surprise to me but in the end everything went well. I didn’t sleep to well these last couple night because the assistants stayed with us and I gave up my bed so they could sleep in it. I ended up sleeping in my hammock. It was two long and hot nights but Ill survive. 
   Funny story, the other day we were teaching a family under their tree when all of the sudden a squirrel fell out of nowhere and almost hit one of the member’s right in the head. It came out of nowhere! It also fell pretty far but it got back up and ran away. It was pretty funny. 
   I also decided to take a couple pills the other day that kill all the parasites that I might be caring around such as worms and all that fun stuff. I plan on doing it again in a couple weeks; I don't want to bring anything like that home with me. 
   This week will be pretty cool like I said last week Elder Johnson will be here and I’ll get to have two meetings with him so it should be pretty interesting! I’ll let you know how it goes.
   I started to read my first journal that I have from the mission. I must admit it’s been pretty fun looking back and remember all the fun little experiences. I’m also surprised at how much I have changed. I must of been pretty home sick at first because I always wrote, "I miss my family and I love them so much" ha-ha it’s still true but I’m over the whole home sickness. I’m just glad I have been faith full in writing in my journal because I’m really enjoying reading what I have accomplished here in the mission. Speaking of which, they sent my travel planes so I’ll forward that to you all. 
   I’m pretty nervous about the whole coming home, working, and going to school.... I’d rather stay here. 
 Any suggestions on classes to take? Teachers? How I should do my schedule? Josh, JC let me know what you think would be best. 
I had better go I have to write president. Tell Jim to hold on and to be safe. I’m praying for him and each and every one of you.
I love you all so very much have a great week!
Love Elder Hope

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