Tuesday, July 16, 2013

    Wow, to be honest I dont even know where to start.... I figure that this might be my last e-mail so I'll try to make it a good one. First off I'm glad that your all excited that I'm coming home because I still diont think that it has hit me yet.... There have been a couple times where all of the sudden I think to myself and say, "wow.... Im going home" It usually comes with a sick feeling in my stomach. I really don't know what to expect when I get home, I can barely remember what life was like when I was back home  it mainly seems like a dream. I guess you could say Im getting nervous. The best way to describe it is the "bitter sweet feeling" the same feeling I had when I left. Just keep me busy when I get home because I'm pretty sure its not going to hit me untill I get home that the mission has Finaly came to an end so dont mow the law this week so that when I get home I can work a little. OK enough about that.
    This has been another pretty good day/week. I have really enjoyed my time here in this area (Atoyac). The members here have been really supportive and I feel like I was able to help the area out quite a bit. When me and my comp got here there was nothing, however with a little help from the lord we now have 5 people with baptism dates and a couple more that will have one soon. To be completely honest I was a little bitter that they put me in a new area with only 4 weeks left in the mission. HOWEVER I have learned things in this area and with my comp Elder Wagner that I know I never would have learned in my old area. I have a firm testimony that the lord knows each and everyone of us better than we know ourselves and he knows whats best for us even when we dont understand and ask "why?". All we have to do is make best of the situation were in and believe. I know that when we do he will protect us and help us learn and grow to what he knows we can become.
   The other day I had a pretty good experience. The other night I received a phone call from a member here in our ward thats received his mission call. His name is Carlos and he has become a pretty good friend. He always ask me about the mission and things he will need and what to do. Sadly his father walked out on him and his family years ago. Anyways He said " Elder Hope, I have a favor to ask you". (people have asked some pretty weird favors here so I was pretty nervous to ask what). After asking what it was he said, "tonight I will be receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood and I want you to ordain me".  I've never ordained anyone to the office of an Elder so to be honest I was kind of nervous but I said yes. I would love to say I did it perfectly and that everything went to plan but then I would be lying. I had to do it twice but it was a great learning experience. I really did feel honored that out of all the people he would ask me. Later that night he sent me a message thanking me and said that "the words of the blessing were exactly what he needed to hear". I love the spirit, it truly will put "the words in your mouth" if you let him.
    This morning president let me and one of my friends Elder Graves go to the centro to buy some souvenirs so dont worry I was able to buy a couple cool little things. It was pretty fun and while there we had a funny experience. Some random guy came running up to us saying, "are you guys american? Do you speak English?" Haha we then answered and said yes we do. Our name tags must have grabbed his attention because he look at them and then said with relief in his voice,"Awhh good! your mormones!". He then explained to us he was lost trying to look for a hotel where he left his wife. He said that he had been lost for about three hours and not being able to speak spanish could find the help he needed to get back to his wife. (He's about 30 years old from Texas). I believed him because he was sweating pretty good and seemed quite worried. We didnt know where his hotel was but we decided to buy him a water and to give him 30 pesos so that he could take a taxi right to the hotel. We asked him why he was here and he told us he's an archaeologist set out to prove that Jesus came to the Americas after his Resurrection. Elder Graves and I looked at each other with a puzzled face. Long story short we were able to talk to him a little about the book of mormon and explained its history before we departed. One day I think he'll be baptized.
    Well this is a really long message so I had better go. Im not sure If I will be able to write next week but I think I will. I just dont want to except the fact that this might be my last email.
I love you all so very much and Im deeply grateful for all of the support and prayers you have given me. This really is the true church I know it.
Until next time, Love Elder Hope 

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