Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Companion Elder Wagner

    What up family? From the looks and sounds of it everyone had a pretty good time camping this weekend. Thanks for sending the pics they were fun to see.
   Well this has been a pretty crazy week for me. Like I said last week they changed me ha-ha. Right now I’m in an area called Atoyac; it’s here in the city NEAR to one of my older areas but not in it. My new comp is Elder Wagner, he’s super Verde (green) but he’s a good kid. He’s from Utah but about a year ago he moved to Texas and lives in a place Laredo towards the bottom of Texas. It’s been fun to get to know him a little better and I’m shocked from all of the news he’s told me about what has changed back at home. His dad is actually Mexican... kind of, he grew up in the colonies in Chiwouwa soo that’s interesting. 
   The first couple days here in our area were interesting, we didn’t know anything about our area so we've been working a lot to get to know the members and find the few investigators that the other elders were teaching. It wasn’t too hard, there’s only like 2... So it looks like well be planting a lot of seed which is also pretty cool and exciting. The area is pretty big. We have about 3 or 4 colonies in our area which are basically little pueblos. It takes us 30 mins by bus to get to our area which makes it hard for our investigators to get there especially when they don’t have money for the bus ride. 
   There have been a couple members here that have really helped us out in the way of showing us where the other members live and how to get to places so were grateful for that. OH also the airport is in my area so I’m pretty sure they put me here so in a couple weeks I can drive myself to the air port ha-ha but it’s all right. I think seeing the air planes make’s my comp more Trunkey than me.  
   We were able to find a couple cool people this week so that’s good. I would tell you guys about them buuutt I have to send some things to the offices so It will have to wait until next week. 
I love you all so very much and like I have said these past two years, I pray for you daily.
Until next week,
Con Amor Elder Hope

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