Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not going to lie this week has gone by pretty fast... I’m glad you got the Pics! Monte Alban was pretty sweet! I really wish you guys could have been there, but like I said I took a ton of pics. So by the time you see them all, your gonnna feel like you were there!
I lost the cable to my camera.... so until I find a way to send pics you probably won’t be getting any... MY BAD! I never lose stuff so I was pretty upset when I realized I left it at the computer when I got home. We went back the next day but it was long gone. You can’t really leave stuff lying around here...
I got the pic of the house and of the snow... Crazy!!! I wouldn’t mind a little snow, I kind of miss it already haha. It’s been pretty warm again sorry my letters come late... I’ll give you a run down on my P-Days. I wake up at 6 and read from the BOM until about 7. Then I try to do a couple exercises (there not working, I’m pretty sure I have lost all my muscle and replaced it with fat :( then after that I get ready and cook a little food. Then we either go shopping, wash our cloths. Shopping takes a couple hours and so does washing our cloths by the time we do all that it’s about four, five. Oh we had our first change this week. I forgot to tell you that we were going to having one. I didn’t get changed I’m still in the same area which is good because I didn’t really want to leave. El Martinez is still me comp and this is his 3rd change here. I won’t be surprised if I’m here for another change but who knows!
I’ve sent you guy’s a couple letters.... so I hope you get them soon in one of them I sent home my ID card from the MTC and a little money for you guys. I made it so you couldn’t see through the letter so they wouldn’t have been able to see the money. Hopefully it will still get there let me know if you get them! It sounds like you’re all pretty busy that’s good! We weren’t able to Baptize Ulieses this week, he was sick this week so he canceled a couple of his appointments and didn’t come to church, but I know he will be baptized. We also had a member’s brother come to church the other day with him and he came up and asked us when he could be baptized so that was pretty cool. We’re going to be meeting with him until he’s ready! I’m not sure why there was only 1 baptism here in a year before we got here... the lord prepares people, and the people are ready!
I did have a pretty cool experience the other day, a couple of our contacts have fallen through so we needed to go contacting. After I convinced him we needed to I said a prayer in my heart to help us find the people who were ready. We only had an hour to contact anyways long story short everyone we contacted in that hour invited us back!!! how cool is that!? Heavenly Farther hears and answers our prayers! I know he does! Were promised that if we do our part, he will do his.
We are also visiting a less active member who knows meztec, another language they speak in Oaxaca. So he has been teaching me a couple words which are cool! I told josh that he has to teach me Port. when I get home.
The other day I was kind of feeling sick and I think I know why. I ate pig skin the day before to be honest it didn’t taste too bad.. but the thought and texture got to me. I’ve been thinking how to explain it but the best way I could think of is that it’s kind of like eating fat from a stake but softer. IDK I guess you’ll just have to go try it! But yea like I said I didn’t feel too hot the day after so it was a long day but I survived! I hope everyone is doing well! It was good to get the dear elder from Dillon, I haven’t heard from him since I left so thanks for sending that my way as well as the other people. Were so lucky to have what we have and live where we live. I’m so grateful for you guys and everyone in our family! you’re awesome!
I better wrap this one up sorry about the pics.... I’m going to be sending a package home sometime this week so look out for it. I’ll throw one of my memory cards in it. I love you all so very much! OH real fast, I got to go to the temple again. The bishop called us one morning asking for the president’s number which we thought was weird. Ten mins later he called back and said that he called the president to ask permission to take us to the temple to go through with our ward missionary for his first time. His name is Pedro and is going on a mission in DEC so that was super nice of the bishop to do that for us. Anyways if I forgot to type anything I’ll write it in a letter and send it to you. Hopefully you’ll get them.
Be safe and take care, until next time, EL HOPE!!!!

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