Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What’s up family? Sounds like everyone is doing well! Before I forget I got the package and dear elder you sent me! Thanks so much for the package. I got it in my hands on the 10-27-11. The candy was good and so was the seeds you even got my favorite, RANCH! ha-ha I even read the news paper front to back that you used to keep the stuff from sliding around. I ate it up! It was cool reading about the sports and seeing how everyone was ranked. Sounds like Madison had a hard time. I guess I liked it so much because it is the only thing I could read in English other than my scriptures ha-ha. I better answer your questions from and the e-mail Dear elder. Dad I hope I don’t look at Thor differently either when I get home ha-ha it sounds like your back is getting a little better, but DONT over do it! That’s good that Jared and Jeff and everyone else were able to help out and I got the pics they look sweet!
I’m glad you got the pics that I sent, because it was a real pain to send them, but I think I got it figured out a little better now so it should be good. I didn’t know our mission had a face book page but that’s cool that they post updates! This month our zone met the goal of 130 baptism this month so in return we get to go to the Temple on Thursday! That’s should be really cool I’m excited for that.
My comp lived in Utah for nine years with his sister... not sure why he ended up going there for sure, but he’s a convert to the church and has been a member almost two years now. He speaks English but has an accent. Sometimes he will say something that doesn’t make since so I help him out. So I help him read in English and he helps me read in Spanish. His family is pretty Catholic and don’t understand why he is here but he knows so that’s good. He was really excited for the candy you sent to him also, he doesn’t get a lot of mail so he wanted to say thanks!
As for stuff that I need I really can’t think of a whole lot.. There is a store here about a 22 min walk (I timed it) that is owned by Wal-Mart. So if I really need something I can find it. Except for pads that go in your shoe.. I could use some of those so ya maybe some pads that go in your shoe (I forgot what their called but I think you know what I’m talking about).
Alright now about the work and other cool stuff. This coming Sunday we have a baptism! This will be my first Baptism so I’m pretty excited! His Name is Eddi and is 22 years old. He was a reference from a couple other missionaries. He’s pretty cool; he likes cars and motor bikes.... JUST like me! ha-ha so we are pretty good friends. I’ll make sure I take pics of that so no worries. We also have a date set for the week after that for a man named Ulysses, who is 24. The cool thing about him is he is an English Teacher, so I actually have taught him a lot! in English... but it’s all the same! I sent a letter home the other day and it talks a little about him I think.. He is super ready for the gospel! We took him to a special meeting with us in which Elder Duncan of the 70 spoke. He really liked it! you can tell he’s excited and when we got him to prey for the first time the spirit was so strong he, el M., and I were all about to cry It was awesome. We have a couple more with dates but they still need some work. I said this in the letter I sent home but there has only been one baptism here in 8 months... so my goal is to change that and we are!
There are also a lot of cross dressers here which is weird.... There have been a lot of drunks dancing in the street without their shirts which is interesting.... ha-ha. The other day we were called over by one of them. We started talking to him about the gospel and after awhile he told us he has killed two people... we have seen him around a couple times. Dad you asked about the ward and how big it is, there are 23 active families here. So not a whole lot, but if the inactive would come it would be decent. My other goal is to start a family home teaching program here but not a lot of people want to help so we will see how that goes.
I want to try to send some pics now so I better go, but I love you all and I hope I got all your questions answered. If not you might have to put them in a lost form so I can go down one by one answering them ha. Love you all, be safe and take care!
until next week, EL HOPE

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