Monday, May 28, 2012

What’s up family?
   Well first off it sounds like you all have been really busy. Jc I hope that you’re feeling a little better with the doctor’s visit and the spinal tap... doesn’t sound to fun but I know how strong you are. That’s good that they were able to get an idea on what might be wrong, keep me posted. I hope that medicine they gave you will help. Dad that’s good that your class in Boise went good. It sounds like you had a pretty crazy time when you got back! Maybe they should have checked who the gang’s rivals were before inviting everyone ha. I’m glad to hear that no one got hurt other than the two gang members.  
   Sorry I’m writing this so late, we were doing a little service project for a member here. She is a cook and has a little store and asked us if we could paint the list of food she sells out the outside of here wall so we did. It didn’t turn out as good as I thought it would never the less it looks ok... I’ll take a pic if I remember the next time we visit her. As for my talk that I gave this week it went pretty well. Like I said I have never been a fan of talking in front of a lot of people so I’m glad it’s over.
   Tomorrow were going to Oaxaca for a special meeting for all the Zones in the city, the word on the street is that some more elders have been pretty disobedient so the president wants to talk to us. (Don’t worry I’m being a good boy and following the rules). Wed were also going back to Oaxaca because it’s our turn to go to the temple again! Its defiantly one of the benefits of being close to the city. 
   This week has actually been a pretty hard one, were discovering that all of our invest. that have baptism dates are having some pretty serious problems. Two of them need to find a new house before they can get baptized, another needs a new job, and a couple are really struggling with some commandments. I and my comp have been pretty stressed but who said the mission was easy? all we can do is keep praying and looking for solutions. If you remember pray for the people of Oaxaca and everywhere else, they need the help. 
   Sorry this is short but it’s late and we need to go. I just want you all to know how much I love you. OH I got the package! Short story I’m loving the ties! so thanks for that. You guys really are the best and I love you all so much. Have a good week! 
Love your boy

Elder HOPE! 

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