Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yo Yo Family
   What’s up family, wow it sounds like you had a pretty busy but fun week with all that went on. Dad I got the pics ha-ha I got a pretty good laugh at the one with Jeff and the fish he caught, he looked a little scared of it ha-ha but I don’t blame him its not to pretty of a fish. I also got the photos of you all camping it looks like you had a blast with a lot of people! And it looks like you had a little luck to get the same camp site. Did you hit some more golf balls up into the mountain? That’s good that you all were able to catch some fish also ha-ha. It sounds like you guys ate well also, I’m not going to lie I would love a stake right now with some potatoes and beans.... but brow beans because the black ones that we eat here aren’t as good. Also CONGRATS that you all headed home early to make it to church, I also realize that crues hair looks even blonder than before ha-ha. I’m glad that you all made it home safe and that you all had a pretty good week.
   Well we didn't have any baptisms this week however I do have a 1 good story. When I first got here to Etla we honestly had nothing to do. As I told you before the elders that were here before me were dead and hardly left their house for three weeks. We had a list of members active so I started looking for people we could visit to see how they were doing and hopefully receive a reference. It turned out that there was a family that lived two streets from us so we went and visited them. Well long story short we kept passing by with them and inviting them back to church. There are six of them in the family, the dad and one of his sons have started to come back to church but the mom and the others are still hesitant. I ended up giving one of the kids a white shirt because he didn’t have one and would come to church in jeans and t shirts.  As the time has gone on we have kept working with them. The last couple weeks we have been talking to Manuel, the son, about missions. He showed a little interest and said it is something that he wouldn’t mind doing. We invited him to ask god if he needed to or not. Yesterday we were talking with him in the church and he told us he had just finished talking to the bishop about serving a mission. We congratulated him and talked more about the mission.
 Sometimes it’s easy to forget those who have joined the church and then later in life when faced with trials have fallen away. I was reading in Alma 31:34-35 the other day when I found a scripture that I highlighted because it talked about missionary work, I like it a lot because a lot of times people fall away from the church, and a lot of them are "our brothers" it’s our jobs as members to "bring them back again" to the truth. I’m really excited for Manuel and his decision to serve on a mission and I hope that through his example that his family will come back to the church. I just wanted to let you all know how much I love you and I hope that we can all reach out to those who are in need. You’re all in my prayers daily, Love Elder Hope

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