Monday, April 29, 2013

Que Onda?

   What’s up family sounds like everyone is doing well? I have a couple little things that I should probably tell you before I give you all the low down on my week.

First off I was looking at my driver’s license and I discovered that it expired back when I turned 21, not sure if you’re aware of that or not but just so you know. I don't really want to take the driving test again when I get home, after living here for 2 years I’m afraid some of their driving habits might have rubbed off and I’m about 100% sure they won’t pass me if I have to take it when I get home. 

Second I found my debit card so forget my comment I mad last week. 

   Alright, this was another busy week so I’ll just give yawl a brief low down. This week I went to a little pueblo called Comitacillo to do divisions with an elder who is kind of struggling. Long story short everything went well, I’m not the best elder and I know I still have a TON to learn but I was able to give him a little advice on how to work a little more efficiently and also with the members. As we were visiting a member we ended up cleaning and plucking chickens. That was a first. I’m not going to lie it smelt bad. I’ll send you a pic.

   The other day I had a testimony builder. We were asked to give a presentation to all the elders here in our Zone along with their missionary leaders on "What their purpose is". My comp knew about this a while ago but remembered the night before. Long story short I got a little nervous and felt really unprepared. Minutes before the meeting I said a prayer asking the lord to help us. Long story short everything went really well, and we had a good conversation for about an hour on how we can improve the missionary work here in Juchitan. He hears and answers our prayers of that I testify. 

     We also had a meeting with the stake president and all the bishops in the stake. He planched them for not giving the missionary's more references of people to teach (planched means burned). Were excited to see what happens. 

    This Sunday was neat because Santiago received the priesthood. It’s amazing how much I have seen them change in such a short amount of time, him and his wife, Lourdes are so much more happier. You can see it in their faces. I'm amazed. 

We put the goal for them to go to the temple and they accepted, there great people.

    I know this might be short and might not make sense but there’s so much to do ha-ha. I’ll have to let you know the plans next week on when we will be calling home ight. I love you all so very much and thanks for your prayers I know they help!

Until next week, 

Elder Hope


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